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Work on the fifth “Alien” will begin in 2017 – BBC

The director Neil Blomkamp still be able to remove the fifth of the “Alien” and finally complete the story of battles Lieutenant Ellen Ripley and the alien race of parasites. This was told in an interview with Entertainment Weekly performer of this role, the actress Sigourney Weaver. However, it regretted that the work on the painting is delayed: Shooting is scheduled to start until next year, after the release of the movie “Aliens: Testament”, which relieves himself Scott and which is included in the expected prequel trilogy, the first part of which was the “Prometheus” (released . in 2012)

«This is a great story, and I like that story my character finally came to an end,” – Weaver said in an interview with

According to her, the film Blomkamp reveals the secret of strangers and tell what kind of race: “in this picture, there is also a tribute to the work that did the directors of the third and fourth parts because we’re going in a very different direction after the events of “Aliens»

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The series “Alien movies “was launched in 1979 by the eponymous painting by Ridley Scott, which has become one of the best examples of space fiction. In 1986, James Cameron continued franchise picture “Strangers” (30th anniversary of the film will be celebrated next week, and the main celebrations will be held at the convention Comic Con in San Diego 23 July), and in the 90s there were two more part – Ripley, they also played by Sigourney Weaver, but she repeatedly said, the development of her character was not at all what she had expected.

The fifth part of the series began to develop soon after the release of the fourth (in 1997), but the original scripts were rejected, went under the knife, even the idea of ​​Cameron. Case headway only in the 2010s. Ridley Scott has returned to his universe and took “Prometheus” – whether a prequel, or a spin-off, telling the story of the Creator, and at the beginning of 2015 of the project to continue the main story was invited by South African filmmaker Neill Blomkamp, ​​famous for fantastic pictures “District №9 “,” Elysium “and” Chappie. »

Blomkamp has agreed to work on” Alien 5 “, began writing the script (which is now praised Weaver) and in general I was enthusiastic – as well as fans of the franchise

but everything is already laid plans Porush Scott, who was originally going to do from the “Prometheus” a few movies, but postponed this idea aside after the uncertain rental picture. ($ 403 million box office at 125 million budget and polurazgromnye critic reviews). At some point, the creator of the franchise yet decided on the continuation of his project, which he renamed “Alien: Testament”, and outlined for release in August 2017 for rent. Well, after the company 20th Century Fox considered that the two “strangers” at the same time – this is too much, and it is strongly recommended that Blomkamp give way to senior colleagues in the craft. He agreed.

Of course, if allowed to choose fans that Blomkamp project would receive unconditional support. “Prometheus” has caused considerable controversy among the “Alien” fans, and few people are seriously interested, he could squeeze Scott of his ideas. “Alien 5″ look even more tempting announcements stage. Blomkamp was going to forget about what happened to Ripley after the second part, and to write this story again. However, he was not going to throw any work by David Fincher (opened the third part), nor the work of French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (took fourth film). Weaver said in an interview with EW, they remain branches of the same theme. Well, Blomkamp will continue the line that began James Cameron in “Aliens»

«It’s like a fork in the road:. One thing can lead to the third and fourth films, and can – once on the fifth. In this case, choose this way – directly from the Cameron film, “- said the actress.

delay in the work on the fifth” Alien “, of course, upset Weaver, but it has something to do. Recall that now Cameron promises to release numerous sequels of his blockbuster “Avatar”, which output (and even the beginning of shooting) and all postponed and postponed for an uncertain future. There is work and Blomkamp: after the announcement of the delay “Alien 5» 20th Century Fox offered him – apparently as compensation – to film a science fiction novel by Thomas Sveterlitcha “Vanished World» ( «The Gone World»). However, this project, too, is still in limbo – it has neither the release date or the date of commencement of filming – but let prospective director too far the company is clearly not going to. It is possible that his next project will be yet a fifth “Alien».


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