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Brie Larson play Captain Marvel in kinokomiks Marvel – BBC

Marvel Studio chose an actress who will play Captain Marvel in the future kinokomiks a feature on the history of the superheroine. As predicted by specialized publications,

Captain Marvel would be the laureate of “Oscar” Brie Larson.

The announcement was made during the presentation of new projects Marvel at the held at the San Diego comic Con and the festival has become almost the main revelation studio comics. The fact that a movie about Captain Marvel in his female disguise (there is also a male version of the hero) was announced a couple of years ago. He went part of the so-called “phase three” cinematic Marvel kinovselennoy, he should have been released in the summer of 2018, but then postponed to a later date – in March of 2019. Probably, this shift has been associated not only with the coordination of the schedule of films (usually invisible to the general public the process), but also with the search for a suitable embodiment of the superheroine.

Who’s Captain Marvel

The Way Captain Marvel superhero was not the most direct. Originally her name was Carol Danvers, and during his first appearance in comics in 1968, she only served in the US Air Force. Then she moved to intelligence cooperated with the CIA (and during one of the missions came to the KGB dungeons), well after the end of the career intelligence passed to NASA and headed the security service at Cape Canaveral. There Carol and become a superhero – after a meeting with a male version of Captain Marvel (who turned out in the world alien from outer space), and a series of adventures, normally associated with risk to life. The transformation happened in 1977, Carol became Ms. Marvel and bought a bunch of superpowers – like the possibility to fly and manipulate energy. Under different names, Carol fought against evil as a part of the Avengers team, well, already in 2012, it adopted the name of his alien friend (by then already 20 years since killed) and entered the command Guardians of the Galaxy.

Brie Larson looks like the best choice for this role

26-year-old actress is removed from the end of the 90s, in her filmography -. the comedy “13 Going on 30″ “Macho and Botan” kinokomiks “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”, but first a prominent role it has received only a few years ago – in the film “Short term 12″, which received several awards from critics. The real breakthrough for Larson became last year’s drama “The Room”, after which its collection of awards has become very impressive – “Oscar”, “Golden Globe”, a BAFTA and a lot less impressive prizes

Following this success, Brie Larson agreed. star in big-budget blockbuster “King Kong: skull Island” (due out in 2017), where its partners are Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L. Jackson. However, after she decided to be the superheroine in the Marvel Universe, the direction of future career of the actress became apparent.

Unlucky superheroine

In the comics have traditionally considered the main male characters. For example, compiled by the publication IGN rating superheroes namely men occupy the first four places (Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and the mutant Wolverine)

The woman went to a relatively modest fifth place. – it took Wonder woman, DC Comics heroine already since 1941.

But if in the old days is the dominance of the male characters (actually, in the top ten rankings IGN superheroines more and less) has been justified , in the present circumstances bosses production companies (and their counterparts in television) are struggling to correct the gender imbalance. Successful or not – is another question. A solo film about Catwoman with Halle Berry came in 2004 and fell loudly at the box office, and the series of the same Wonder Woman, who in 2011 tried to run the channel NBC, was canceled after the pilot surveys (though actress Adrianne Palicki then appeared in the TV series “Agents” SCH.I.T »)

Of course, fail not only films with female superheroes -..

so, “Green lantern” 2011 with Ryan Reynolds also turned out to be unprofitable, as the “Catwoman” seven years earlier. But the presence of the men’s team of Batman, Superman or Spider-Man rescues – movies with these characters are mostly successful filmmakers regularly restart the franchise, and in general, seem to remain satisfied with these characters comic

Hope not. dies

But, by the way, a series of television series that started “Agents” SHIELD “develops within the Marvel kinovselennoy and under the supervision of Marvel studios, has become a successful experience for superheroines. In the fall of 2015 he went on Netflix series “Jessica Jones”, which was renewed for a second season. The main character in it played by actress Krysten Ritter.

Marvel cinematic universe is given a chance and women try all the same to enter the first role.

This is a huge world, with dedicated fans, who seem to be omnivorous and willing to absorb almost everything – from Iron man to the Incredible Hulk, Thor from to ant-man. Of course, the Hulk will not earn as much as all the Avengers together (and therefore has not yet received second solo film), but within the framework of the planned Marvel world one failure does not solve anything. Now in this universe 13 feature films ( “The First Avenger: Confrontation” in May started the third phase), will “Doctor Strange” in November with Benedict Cumberbatch, and prior to the end of 2020 is planned to another 12 paintings of various superheroes and their teams, among which includes “Captain Marvel»

it is possible that Brie Larson will appear in other films of the universe – such as in. “Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2,” due out in May of 2017. But funny that in this kinovselennoy is no place for a solo film about the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), who appears in five films of the franchise.

What’s the competition

The main rival Marvel in the comics – studio DC comics, and now they are fighting for the money fans not only on the shelves of bookstores, but also in the movies. At Marvel is get better, but DC is located in lagging – that is, the studio has a series of films, but Batman and Superman, that superhero universe, comparable to the Marvel Universe, does not pull

However, now. the situation is slowly beginning to improve. The film Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” with Henry Cavill as Superman was declared the first part in the Expanded Universe DC. This year is already out and shot Snyder “Batman vs. Superman: At the dawn of justice,” uniting the two superheroes (Batman played by Ben Affleck) and showed good fees ($ 872.6 million worldwide), will premiere in early August “suicide Squad» , which also forecast higher revenue. Of course, to build a complete world for a long time (plans are 13 films up to 2020), but the first steps have already been taken.

But with the superhero DC will deal faster than Marvel.

about the movie, the main character of which will be Wonder woman (who were not so lucky on television), DC Comics and film company Warner Bros announced at the end of 2014, when Marvel already talked about its third phase. In this role, she was invited Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot (some parts of the “Fast and the Furious”). She has already appeared in “Batman vs. Superman”, and here at Comic Con presented the first trailer for her solo film. Incidentally, DC responsibly approached the movie about the superhero – director of the film has also become a woman (it will shoot Patty Jenkins). But access to the screens of the film is scheduled for summer 2017.


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