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Benedict Cumberbatch: the power of transformation – Russian Newspaper

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The existence of Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch in his chosen profession has nearly fifteen years, during which he was destined to beat the many characters of the Victorian-Edwardian, geniuses and just outstanding personalities, heroes and anti-heroes, and even quite ordinary people. His unusual appearance, type, it is recognizable by the portraits of Sterne and Tennyson, the ability to keep and wear a suit, talk, as befits a graduate of a prestigious private school (perhaps not so often, even among British actors the ability to speak with a “solid upper lip” has become to the extent of the second kind), high growth and deep voice assumed a greater part of the above roles.

However, Cumberbatch has managed to make this utterly blessed and almost prim career path is a “but” that makes almost every role discovery for viewer and fun rebus for himself: the phase-change and transformation of those personalities, which he brought to play. And this process can be extended – in the case of soap operas – or reduced to a single point. An example of the latter is the short film “Inseparable” (Inseparable)

It is very interesting to look at the actor’s process of maturation and of his heroes -. But Rory Slippery from “fortysomething” (Fourtysomething) and disappointed-otherworldly Doctor Strange shares time span of ten years or so. This small series survived, unfortunately, only one season, but in any part of: In addition to Cumberbatch, novice actor, it starred Hugh Laurie and Peter Capaldi.

The series shows us a cheerful young man with still not entirely clear features, with quite another child, perky smeshinkoy in the eyes, despite their not cinema, but the real twenty-seven. And at the end of the story it starts to peep something more focused and serious, but it is not very perceptible

The next breakthrough -. Shooting in the “Hawking”, directing the work of Philip Martin for the BBC, about the young years of the famous physicist . In this picture, we also witness the transformation is much more dramatic than all previous and subsequent. The struggle between body and soul, which is a priori unequal battle for most mere mortals, so heartbreaking shown with an absolute minimum of auxiliary cinematic means that the viewer at times there is a feeling of burning embarrassment, as if he watches the suffering of talented young men on the sly.

The unwary open smile, facing the stars in the beginning, helpless fluttering eyelids and myopic view before imaging, numb from the contemplation of the suffering of others, the despair of betrayal on the part of his own body and in the end – aspiration to eternity, to the scientific discoveries and human happiness; These ups and downs are of the inner and outer amplitude, the head starts to spin even on this side of the screen.

Six years after that will come out extremely painful, controversial in terms of its meaning and ethical promise “Third Star” (Third star). However, in this journey to the ends of the earth to the end of the hero’s life retrospectively forgotten the ending, leaving in memory scream naked human fear: James knows that will not live up to thirty, and it hurt terribly, painfully from it. He needed more time. He does not know what he would do in this present life, but would not want to live it as trivial as it is done by his companions. This passionate desire to live, love and being, overriding the pain of its injustice, so strongly etched in my memory, that the subsequent perceived not only as an act of a courageous act of parting, a fascinating process of man’s awareness of the finiteness of his existence.

And between and after – Edwardian characters from spoiled, extremely unpleasant sissy to men of honor and high moral principles. With all due respect to the brilliant galaxy of actors to reveal their talents in the film adaptations of works of English literature concerning some stiffness shy romanticism quickly to protect yourself and the advent of a monumental long Victorian era, the challenge to play a representative of the next era is much more difficult.

The short Edwardian period that changed like a playful child upside down all the established way of life, once made much of the previously unshakeable unnecessary, and sometimes just funny. This atmosphere of total domination over the outer rear inner exposed to higher light powerful blow – peals of WWI. “End of the Parade” (Parade’s end), whose script was written based on the stories of Ford Madox Ford by Tom Stoppard, depicts the tragedy of a whole generation of multi-level. Most of its representatives are destined to subsequently remain in the literary memory as a lost generation, and way of life of Christopher Titzhensa that clear evidence.

Then follow films in which Cumberbatch will need to play by Vincent Van Gogh, Alan Turing, Julian Assange … alive people whose characters are still a series of puzzles, not only for producers, but also for the scrupulous biographer. Yet his Van Gogh turned out not less lost to the world and to himself than to his own writings, Alan Turing proved as much a creator as it is a prisoner of his own genius, forever immured his soul in the most terrible of dungeons, and Julian Assange appeared (regardless the degree of its demonization) person in the case, without the rest devoted themselves to the selected business and merged with them indistinguishable

One of the most interesting observations of acting growth Benedict Cumberbatch -. play in the TV series “Sherlock”, stretched out (until that) in the long six years. The audience had to see very young, arrogant detective, like a butterfly fluttering around John Watson in an attempt to surprise and enchant medic, make it accept the offer on the proximity to Baker Street.

In the second season of Sherlock comes to its bifurcation point – suicide note on the roof of the hospital of St. Bartholomew.. And it’s a test he passed, surviving moral, returning another man – feral socially, but spiritually matured to life. So who can earnestly and sincerely to say goodbye to a faithful friend, knowing what is going to die. . To the very best of times

to try himself as a Hollywood hero (upcoming “Doctor Strange”) and the anti-hero (Star Trek), it is possible Cumberbatch concludes Sherlock that he so to face: “Heroes It does not exist, and if they existed, I would not be one of them. ” This is in tune with the fact that the recently formulated Peter Capaldi in respect of “Doctor Who”, a game that Cumberbatch afraid: it should not be the epitome of beauty, strength and style, not as people save the universe that really there to talk about the British Isles

Good diction and ability to mimic the actor opened the door for him to the world of radio plays at the BBC, and the work on the dubbing of the dragon Smaug in “The Hobbit” has influenced, in turn, to the voice image of Richard III. Ability hilarious parody manner of speaking representatives of various social groups and people from different parts of the United Kingdom make listening to audiobooks on an exciting lingvostranovedcheskogo journey

Metamorphosis waiting Cumberbatch and theatrical works:. “Frankenstein” has brought him and Jonny Lee Miller Olivier Award and Hamlet in his performance – not icy, arrogant pedant, but vulnerable, infinitely starry-eyed man who can withstand fight openly on the battlefield, but physically and mentally can not exist in a vacuum intrigue, betrayal and lies. And this internal experiment to establish relations with the world around is the core of his own Shakespearean story.

Cumberbatch has been granted the right to play another landmark role – Richard III in Shakespeare’s plays, the two united film project “Empty Crown” (The hollow crown). His Richard, first the young man, in front of which committed murder of the father, then the shadow of his brother, comprehending the rules of court games, and finally, the monarch who despises others because they can not resist him, madman, fallen by the acts of their hands. This story of the rise and fall with all its predictability has become in his interpretation of personal testimony, breaking through detachment inherent in historical chronicles.

It is hoped that the actor, endowed with an obvious gift to breathe life into the images of bygone years, will continue to revive on the screen and on the stage of the soul from bygone eras, showing that we are for many centuries have acquired and that – forgotten and lost

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