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“Game of Thrones” received 23 nominations on “Emmy” – BBC

The American Television Academy in the 68 th time announced their nominees for the award “Emmy” for the prime taymovyh series. In terms of leadership in the number of nominations predictable situation has remained unchanged – the palm keeps “Game of Thrones» HBO channel with twenty-three nominations on board. On the heels of the bloody fantasy saga, however, the novelty begins – “An American Crime” from the channel FX. The first season of the show, the almanac, which will tell about the most notorious crimes in US history, the story of the famous reality star American Football OJ Simpson. In this picture only one nomination less – 22. The award ceremony will take place on September 18 and is “Times” tells more about the candidates for the golden statuette

Dramatic category

<. b> Serial

The honorable statuette in this category can get a “Downton Abbey”, the final fifth season which ended in December last year. However, if you decide not to do teleakademiki beautiful gestures in the category, in addition to the clear, “Thrones”, “Motherland”, “Americans” and “House of Cards,” there are a couple more interesting contenders for victory. First of all it is, of course, “Mr Robot” – the phenomenal paranoid cyberpunk thriller, They reflect on the network of terrorism and restored to the screen by Christian Slater. On the other hand, a good chance from the spin-off “Breaking Bad,” about the dishonest lawyer, “Better Call Saul”. The series is often referred to as the least worthy successor, which at times almost surpasses the original.


With men more or less clear. With heavyweights and old-timers like Kevin Spacey ( “House of Cards”), Bob Odenkirk ( “Better Call Saul”) and Liev Schreiber ( “Ray Donovan”) will compete expressive newcomer Rami Malek from “Mr Robot” from work which at the very impressionable viewers entire season on the ridge goosebumps. In the nomination for supporting actress, too, lacks the usual suspects like Peter Dinklage and Kit Harrington ( “Game of Thrones”), but it added a brilliant Ben Mendelsohn, who is one hundred percent worth statuette for his role in the tense “Bloodline».

In the female categories the situation is somewhat more complicated. Firstly, between mandatory Claire Danes ( “Homeland”) and Robin Wright ( “House of Cards”) is unfolding battle for the lead role between the already nominated last year by black actresses Taraji Henson ( “Empire”) and Viola Davis ( “How to avoid punishment for murder “). Davis has won in the past year, but has since had the scandal broke with the “too white” Oscar “, which may play a role in the distribution of awards. On the other hand, in the sub-category Lena Headey and Emilia Clarke ( “Game of Thrones”) have the potential to yield Maggie Smith with her Countess Grantham from “Downton Abbey».



This nomination this year – the main reason for the manifestation of tolerance. Last year, we add sitcom “obvious” about how the patriarch of the American family is a transsexual. This time favorite looks “Blackish” from the producers of “Mad Men» ABC channel. This painting, produced by the famous Morpheus Laurence Fishburne, portrays the life of a black American who came to the American dream. However, the competition “blackish” can make “Jack of all trades” – about a Pakistani immigrant in New York. Competitors in these favorites are the same: “Modern Family”, “Silicon Valley”, “Vice President” and “Obvious»


. alignment in the comedy acting nominations develops accordingly. On the men’s award claim primarily Aziz Ansari from “Jack of all trades” and Anthony Johnson of “blackish” (both, incidentally, is the producer of his TV series). The secondary category respectively prevail Matt Walsh and Tony Hale from “Vice President” and Tai Berell of “Modern Family.” In the women’s nominations favorites of may be called Tracy Ellis Ross ( “Blackish”) and Anna Klamski ( “the Vice-President»).

TV Movies and Mini-series


perhaps the hottest fight scheduled in this category. That it presents “An American Crime”, which the competition was, for example, a brilliant second season of “Fargo.” Other nominees also look quite seriously – that, for example, “The Night Porter” Susanne Bier with Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie. Also in this category appear and two paintings on actual interracial theme – “Roots” about the writer Alex Haley and “American Crime” about an attack on a couple of mixed race


finally, here it is without any discounts to fight heavyweights. During starring Benedict Cumberbatch fighting ( “Sherlock: Disgusting Bride”), Idris Elba from “Luther” and Tom Hiddleston ( “Night Porter”). For supporting roles, in turn, will compete for three actors from the “American history of crimes”, two of whom – David Schwimmer and John Travolta. The actress degree voltage a little lower, but there appear Kirsten Dunst ( “Fargo”) and Sarah Paulson ( “American horror story”). If it goes on, the nominees for the “Oscar” will really be something to envy.


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