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In the Russian hire “High Life” by Woody Allen – BBC

1930. A little awkward boy Bobby (Jesse Eisenberg), a family of respectable New York Jews arrived in Los Angeles, a little embarrassed by his strong desire to make a career in the movie business. In addition, the hero really want to love, but sent through the influence of his brother-gangster a failed actress, prostitute and now he is ready to settle for not even staying in his shorts. With the resolution of internal and external problems like Bobby has to help his Uncle Phil (Steve Carrell) – a venerable Hollywood figure. But the first thing the guy, of course, falls in love with his secretary (Kristen Stewart), who has a long-married uncle, of course, romance.

Emerged triangle like should be resolved viscous and whiny drama, but because it is a film by Woody Allen, it will be different.

A year ago, the screens went forty-sixth Woody Allen film “Irrational man”, which was pretty cool met the press and audience, but this little nuisance is not misled by those who have long been familiar with the creative methods of the director. Allen released the film strictly once a year, and if one came out not very good, the next will make sure to remember why we love New York classic. It happened at this time, “High Life” – one of the best films of the director in recent years, but, as so often with him there, explain his fascination words much harder than he succumb

However,. there are obvious things. Firstly, it is the casting. For Jesse Eisenberg “High Life” – is the third (after the “Batman vs. Superman” and the second “Now You See Me”) film for the year and each following his work more clearly asserts its status of one of the best generations of actors. 33-year-old Jesse is a subtle movement of the eyebrows is transformed from boy to man, and the role of the New York neurotic – eternal alter ego Allen – he does fit best in the world. In addition, here it is again played in a pair with Kristen Stewart, the brilliant duo with whom he has developed more in the last year’s underrated “American Ultra”. The rest of the actors, on the one hand, deserves all praise, but on the other – act more as a reliable second plan

Although Blake Lively is so easily transforms into socialite Rita’s caliber. Hayworth that recall her TV series “Gossip Girl” is as absurd as to reproach Stewart “Twilight».

also crucial fact is that Allen is not just removes retro, he talks about the time of his childhood. To create the proper atmosphere was recruited great operator Vittorio Storraro, removed for Bertolucci and Coppola. Its easy and accurate camera is equally at ease removes and unusual for Allen (but important to the overall panorama) scene with rolling of people in the cement, and watercolor sunrise over New York – one of the most cinematic, like it or not, a species in the world

The final ingredient for achieving a happy aftertaste -. the most banal and most inexplicable

This is a unique allenovskaya optics, the combination of youth and experience restless. Absolutely natural space movie understanding that life, whatever it was, it deserves to be lived, and love does not lose value, even if it somehow ended. “High Life” shows, among other things, that such platitudes are still worthy of talking about, and the language of cinema, which Allen, despite his age, has all the more brilliantly, for these purposes best. Well, in the end, this movie is that the proverbial happy ending – it is not a goal but a state of mind. Last year, Woody Allen was 80, not a single reason not to believe him.

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