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In rolling out “Ghostbusters” – BBC

The old girlfriend Abby (Melissa McCarthy) unwittingly played with Erin (Kristen Wiig), a cruel joke, reissued them a long time ago-forgotten book about ghosts. Beautiful volume set bold cross on Erin scientific career, and a little hurt, she decided to team up with Abby and another lady desperate for Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon) names, in order to engage in catching ghosts and other evil spirits. Initially the case, of course, are so-so, and the comments on YouTube are mostly offensive, but the secretary to the girls arranged preglupovaty jock (Chris Hemsworth).

In addition, soon in the subway, rattling chains, declared lanky monster that is only the first step to the discovery of the dangerous portal between worlds, which can prevent only … right, “Ghostbusters».

production history new “Hunters” has more than 15 years. At some point, Dan Aykroyd wanted to make a third film, send the hero in hell. Then we are talking about continuity of generations – the original characters in the movie had to pass the baton to the young. Around the same time of the team decided to enter the girls. As a result, the matter was put in motion – thanks to the director “Spy” Paul Figo, who said he wanted to restart the franchise, providing fully convey to women the right to fight the marshmallow man and his fellow

Restart – it is always a dangerous business

on the one hand, since the time of release of the first” Ghostbusters “has been more than 30 years, which means that a new generation of viewers has increased according to the logic of studio producers. worthy of the updated version of the characters. On the other – too zealous in revisionism too thankless – witness the sad fate of the fourth “Terminator”, who cursed all, without exception, the audience, despite the obvious advantages and courage. Paul FIG chosen, in general, the most cunning, but at the same time risky option: try to please everyone in general. He gave his film copious quotations that will warm the heart of every fan of the original: the panorama of New York City skyscrapers in the disassembly, the pogroms in the restaurants – everything is in place. To be sure, in the film appear Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Annie Potts and Ernie Hudson, who, although they have not returned to their roles, but symbolically blessed the project dedicated to the fourth hunter memory – comedian and actor Harold Ramis, who died two years ago


Figure, which account superuspeshnye “The Heat” and “Spy” chose lucky in the sense of conditions the way to upgrade the art world, giving the narrative a distinctive feminist pathos.

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However, despite the loyalty of all calculations, the new “Hunters” is unlikely to be able to stand on a par with the first and second (in the opinion of many, not too successfully) paintings. The fact that the original films were kept on a unique fusion of bravery, audacity and good nature that provided the main actors are actively involved in the production at all stages. In a sense, it was a personal project of Dan Aykroyd and his friends, among whom was already notorious chemistry, passed the test of the TV show “Saturday Night Live.” Wiig, McCarthy and McKinnon – great actress, but too obvious that they are not a gang, which were actors from the first film, they were casting in the normal mode and the screen with varying degrees of success and inspiration to fulfill the proposed party. There certainly have nice sketches (most succeeded McKinnon, if copied from the cartoon incarnation Ramis hero), but they look like a sideshow, and at times did fall out of rhythm.

Of course, the valid arguments of those who praises the film for what his heroes once, began to ordinary women, not, say, Scaletta Johansson and the coming “Superwoman” Gal Gadot. But note this fact in the artistic merit still quite difficult – as, indeed, and disadvantages. Where weightier more. In a recent Moscow Film Festival screenings were organized nostalgic original Novels on the big screen, and anyone who broke them, confirm that, despite the hand-drawn effects, these films greatly benefit from not bad, but too prudent news.


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