Thursday, July 21, 2016

The creator of “The Walking Dead” took the series on “The Chronicles of Amber” – Russian newspaper

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It looks at the “Game of Thrones”, which should, at least in theory, finalized the eighth season is brewing powerful replacement. According to THR , restless and became extremely popular in recent years, Robert Kirkman, creator of “The Walking dead “, its spin-off, and” rogue “, ready to wipe the megakultovuyu lump. By which is meant knigoserial Roger Zelazny, “The Chronicles of Amber” – One of the most powerful, slozhnosochinennogo and revered in the history of fantasy

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T he Chronicles of Amber – is ten novels (two volumes of five parts), telling about the travel of members of the ruling family of the kingdom of Amber on the parallel realities and dimensions (eg, Shadows). The first volume of the protagonist – Prince Corwin, in the second -. His son Merlin

For the project Kirkman combined with the producer of “The Walking” by David Alpert and Vincent Newman, whose company Vincent Newman Entertainment (not the worst comedy “We – Millers “) will manufacture. After that, the series will be offered for butt cable channels and streaming services – who will lay out the conditions sweeter

History. It is in the larval stage. No other details not, moreover, that now the above concerned the search for a suitable writer

“The Chronicles of Amber” -. one my nailyubeyshih sagas of all time and one of my main inspirational factors in the work on the film and television “, – is divided into joy CEO Skybound Alpert . – “to catch the production of such a project – design dream come true for me. I can not wait to share this amazing story with a new generation of fans “.

” The greatness of the universe, “Amber” witnessed by millions of his fans around the world, as well as its influence on the greatest of many other literary works. I could not ask for a better partner than David and Robert, by which we can bring novels Zelazny on TV “, – added dryly Newman

The deceased in 1995 Zelazny George RR Martin, author.” A Song of Ice .! TEXT_END- – Flame and the narrator, an unmatched “

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