Friday, July 15, 2016

You can not dream – Website Magazine Time Out Moscow

In the pavilion “Electronics” at ENEA opened an exhibition dedicated to the process of film production. Here you can find out how in the movies mimic the sound of battle with swords, shoot a scene with dozens of dead and manipulate viewers’ attention with the help of the installation.

The creators of the exhibition “you can not dream,” took to explain the structure of the Russian cinema, and tell the story of its production – from conception to hire. They did it with the help of ten thematic areas, each of which represents a cinematic or profession, or stage Productions

Surprisingly, the most popular area -. One that is dedicated to the work of the sound engineer. It turns out that even now, when all the computer technology, many sound effects are made the old fashioned way – in tonatele filled with household items. Immediately at the exhibition is the company and re-established: to-screen excerpts of films decomposed materials that offer knock or hoot – all this is written in the microphone and immediately become part of the picture. So, the audience enthusiastically rustle polyethylene, voicing the crackle of twigs in the fire, knocking halves of coconuts on the pebbles, imitating the sound of horses’ hooves, or the ring against each other with forks to get the sounds of the battle on the swords of the “Three Musketeers».

Another interactive area – “Installation”. Here, surrounded by for gluing films machines explains how to use the alternation of different plans and other methods of raw footage obtained a real movie. Back in the 1920s, director Lev Kuleshov realized that the installation can completely change the meaning and mood of the shots he conducted an experiment, which followed the close-up of actor Ivan Mozzhukhina show or a bowl of soup, or a dead child, or a girl on the couch. The expression of the actor faces did not change, but the audience saw it turns hunger, sorrow and lust

Try to move independently between the planes can be on the submitted in the area of ​​”Montage” Example:. Video painter working on a canvas, and the audience is invited to to switch between the five camera shoot it and see the overall plan, portrait of the artist or his picture. With each switching scene looks completely different.

The discoveries continue in the birthplace of the” artist “. Here, of course, costumes including jacket Danila Bagrov in “Brother” and fraerskie flares Ostap Bender from “12 chairs”. But the most interesting – is the puppet models. With the motion capture system in the film for a long time can be “hooked” computer-generated creatures of any complexity and in any amount, but, according to research company Tobii, the audience still more attracted to faces of actors and real objects, and painted on the worlds computer often remain “blind zone. ” Thus, in the filming-disaster “Metro” dozens of dead in train crash scenes were made using puppets. The exhibition this mountain “ghouls” occupies a separate table – both fascinating and frightening sight

Rate the credibility of the result of” Metro “on display does not work, but you can see dozens of other films in the” Director “area – here the curators have collected excerpts from the works of iconic domestic authors, demonstrating their proprietary techniques: long mounting Tarkovsky’s plans, fast frame rates with Eisenstein and staging Parajanov

and in the hall of” script “among the arranged typewriters, on which were written by well-known scenario, twist films, from horror to historical tales and dramas – the organizers of the Russian variety show and Soviet cinema. You come out of there with a clear nostalgia. I want to come home and immediately begin to review the “Striped flight”, “White Sun of the Desert” and “The Dawns Here Are Quiet” – their archival posters accompany visitors in the lobby


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