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Action “Jason Bourne” and Matt Damon became a US box-office leader – BBC

The old franchise, has repeatedly proven successful in practice and brought his producers a lot of money, it is unlikely to ever completely disappear from cinemas. This is George Lucas turned solely on making souvenirs to his “Star Wars”, and even then he could not resist filming the so-called new trilogy. The rest has to do movies. As an example, the creators of the series of militants on a trained killer and former CIA agent Jason Bourne.

«Jason Bourne ‘film was launched in the US box office from the first place and earned for the weekend with 29 July 31, US $ 60 million.

This is the fifth part of the spy franchise, based on the series of novels by Robert Ludlum (and continued after his death in 2001, Eric Van Lustbader). For the first time on the big screen, he has appeared in 2002 in the film Doug Liman’s “The Bourne Identity” (filmed in 1988, “The mystery of the person of Born” with Richard Chamberlain was intended for television). “Identification” has proved to be very good – at 60-million budget fees amounted to $ 214 million, the experiment was considered a success, and was followed by two sequels, raised already by Paul Greengrass – “The Bourne Supremacy” ($ 288 million in 2004) and “Ultimatum Bourne “($ 443 million in 2007-m). But then all of a sudden from the work on the franchise has refused performer starring Matt Damon, who before the start of the epic with the Born was a very famous actor, well, to the exit of the third film was recognized as a star and a lack of interesting projects did not experience.

However, to stop one bornianu did not, came out of the spin-off of “The Bourne Legacy” in 2012 with another agent in the title role (played by Jeremy Renner).

The film, however, caused a storm of criticism and was not very high fees – $ 276 million, despite the fact that the budget has reached $ 125 million but then Damon, apparently tired of big-budget science fiction (he successively starred in “Elysium” by the Nile. Blomkamp, ​​in Ridley Scott’s “Interstellar” Christopher Nolan and “Martian”), decided to return to the usual hero and militants, and Paul Greengrass has not refused to become a director of the new issue. Return happened, of course, not the triumphant ( “fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes – 56%, as in “Evolution”), but the cash proceeds, apparently, will come close to the “ultimatum”. In the world, “Jason Bourne” has earned $ 110 million, so that its 120 millionth budget in any case he will block. In Russia, the film will be September 1

Another franchise -. “Star Trek” – could never boast of box office success ($ 1.55 billion with 13 films, most of which . earned in the United States)

stand out two films JJ Abrams – “Star Trek” (fees – $ 386 million in 2009) and “Star Trek: Nemesis” ($ 467 million in 2013), and that if not to take into account the cost of advertising. Apparently, filmed feature films for the most part as a gift to many fans no less numerous TV series, and to give up their production at Paramount are not going to – perhaps in the hope that one day they still shoot. With the third film of the series, started by Abrams, the hopes have not been realized. “Star Trek: infinity” earned two weeks rental only $ 160.5 million (with a budget of 185 million), of which the last weekend in the United States accounted for $ 24 million to count on a long rolled in this case can not be – Jason Bourne will not allow. and the output of the next week “suicide Squad” from the Expanded universe DC is unlikely to contribute to it.

in the comedy “Very bad Momma” problems with big budgets do not.

Production of paintings of housewives, who also would not mind a break from everyday worries, cost just $ 20 million, and for starting the weekend in American cinemas the film has earned $ 23.4 million. that is the end of the rental picture with Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell can collect about 60 million, and there is also the international distribution. But in Russia, for example, “It is very bad mommy” will be released only on September 1 – at the same time with Born

The other place in the US box office without any problems have currently releases last week.. Fourth place – from the cartoon “The Secret Life of pets,” earned $ 18.2 million (global fees – $ 395.1 million). A fifth was the low-budget horror film from the production team of James Wan’s “And the lights go out …” with $ 10.8 million This picture has earned the right to a sequel (revenue – $ 63.6 million with a 5-million budget)., And producers They did not disappoint – they have already announced their intention to remove the continuation of the story of the return of children to adult fears and reasonable people



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