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Boris Eifman celebrated anniversary in the Alexandrinsky Theatre – Culture Channel

22.07.2016 | 23:57

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 “Never in my life have I been under someone’s influence, perhaps under the influence of artists, which I accepted and respected,” – says Boris Eifman. Today, modern ballet classics – 70. Anniversary of its congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin. On the day of birth to Alexandrinsky Theatre Boris Eifman presented a gala concert of the fragments of his famous productions.

 The Alexandrinsky Theater in the evening – choreographers, dancers, theater critics and simply admirers of Boris Eifman

 “This gala concert – this is a way to gather friends at the theater one evening, look at each other, rejoice in the fact that we are together, and, in general, drink to my health,” – says the choreographer, People’s Artist of Russia Boris Eifman.

 Each of the participants has its own history of love for the theater Eifman. Hermitage Theatre was one of the first areas where the choreographer’s ballets have been presented itself to the public.

 “This theater, which rehabilitates our ballet, shows that it can be equally good – and classical, and modern”, – said the director of the State Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky

 Congratulate Boris Eifman and Andris Liepa came this evening. Their families associated long-term friendships, not just helped each other, providing support in difficult situations. The famous actor and director remembered once Eifman literally saved his father from a creative crisis.

 “When my father lost his job at the Bolshoi Theatre, Boris Yakovlevich invited him to dance in” The Idiot, “and, of course, it was a continuation of his career, with passion and with love for the theater, he rushed into it. My mother told me yesterday that when his father came after rehearsal, he said Eifman – the choreographer of the future “, – says People’s Artist of Russia Andris Liepa

 The hero of the celebration appeared unexpectedly before the public – in a whirlwind of carnival from the play “Anna Karenina.” And then he introduced the future hall of the theater – his Academy students dance. The head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov handed choreographer Order of Merit of the Russian Federation. And he announced the news: Dance Theatre approved the construction project, which is so long dreamed Eifman

 “Finally, the project has been approved, the examination will be held as soon as possible and before the end of the year builders will go to the site and start building”, – said Sergei Ivanov

 The audience showed fragments of the best and most loved productions of the choreographer: “Anna Karenina”, “Roden», Up & amp; Down, «Tchaikovsky. PRO et CONTRA »and others.

 After the anniversary of the choreographer troupe expects another important event. In the future, the Eifman Theatre will celebrate the 40th anniversary. The retrospective of this difficult path will be able to evaluate not only the audience of St. Petersburg. In October of this year at the Bolshoi ballet show “Tchaikovsky. PRO et CONTRA”. Then, in terms of choreography world on tour.

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