Sunday, July 17, 2016

He died soloist Suicide group Alan Vega –

Singer American protopunk band Suicide Alan Vega died on 79 th year of life. According to the musician family, he died on July 16 during a dream. This was on Sunday, July 17 writes portal Pitchfork.

Rock musician Henry Rollins published on its website an open letter to the Vega family. They spoke about the contribution of soloist Suicide in the development of world music, as well as how he was a man

«Life Alan -. An example of the present life for the sake of art. The work, which required an incredible amount of time, the courage to continue to see and the strength to go forward – this was Alan Vega. He left behind a wonderful family, wife Liz and son Dante. His incredible work spanning five decades, will remain with us forever, “- said in a letter

Suicide Group was founded in 1971.. It is composed of just two members:. Vocalist Alan Vega and Martin Rev, who played on the synthesizer and drum machine

Suicide has become famous for his extravagant live performances. Vega provoked the audience to fight, and openly insulted concert goers, are striving to achieve a confrontation with the audience.

Critics noted that the Suicide Group, despite the lack of widespread popularity, had a great influence on the development of punk music, as techno, industrial and synthpop.


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