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Patriarch Kirill of Derzhavin: “He had to join the fight against corruption …” – BUSINESS Online


The first hours of the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Republic of Tatarstan: the revelation of the airport, the opening of the monument from the wife of Alexander Bastrykin and excitement believers

“special role” of Tatarstan in Russia today, said Patriarch Kirill came down to the Kazan land from the aircraft RT government. Met a whole cavalcade of bureaucrats and law enforcers, he went to Laishevsky area where we said very unusual for the dead 200 years ago, a poet. For those with some energy, local believers rushed for gifts from the Holy watched the correspondent of “BUSINESS Online».

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill has landed in Kazan at 11:25. At the airport he was met by an imposing delegation of local political and religious elite Photo: Irina Erokhina

Patriarch at the ramp “and Islam and Orthodoxy call people to peace and goodness relations with each other»

The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Cyril landed in Kazan at 11:25. To the airport the red carpet rolled Challenger 604 – the board of Tatarstan Government this morning to go to Moscow for the sake of the high guest. At the airport he was met by an imposing delegation of local political and religious elite.

The two lines lined clergy – the first persons of the Archdiocese, headed by Metropolitan Theophanes , as well as the bishops of Almetyevsk and Bugulminsky, Chistopol and Nizhnekamsk, deans districts, the governors of monasteries, including Archimandrite Vsevolod from Raifa monastery. By the way, the big surprise was the patriarch of the decision to change the schedule of his visit to Tatarstan – Primate decided to visit Raif monastery. And if the island-city of Sviyazhsk for the visit of the patriarch were prepared in advance, in Raif heard, I think, has caused a stir easy. However, it is always ready to meet: recall that in 2007, Patriarch Alexy II blessed the blessing of water chapel in the monastery, Raif since the revival remains a place of quiet pilgrimage and binding of the visit almost all not alien to Orthodoxy VIP-guests of the republic, whether it be the presidents of Russia, ministers and deputy prime ministers, heads of regions, or just a celebrity.

While waiting for the Patriarch, the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov , greeted by priests and Metropolitan, something quietly spoke with presidential envoy in the Volga Federal District Mikhail Babich . Among the expected was also Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin , Minister of the Interior Artem Hohorin and the head of the FSB department for Tatarstan Dinar Khamitov .

The high guest was greeted with three bouquets of roses – from Volga region, Tatarstan and the Archdiocese. Traditionally reached the ladder and girls in national costumes with a loaf of bread and chak-chak. First Cyril broke off a piece of it Tatar national dish. After tasting a delicacy, a gesture of blessing the patriarch greeted the clergy listened “Many Years”, and then gave a short interview.

reporters met him the patriarch said that he had long wanted to visit Tatarstan, “because that Kazan and Tatarstan played a very special role in the destiny of our homeland.” “In the land of Tatarstan live as Orthodox Christians, and Muslims. Both represent a very large community, and the interaction between these communities, of course, has its own projection for the whole country. That is why I strongly believe that how life develops in Tatarstan, on how developing interethnic and interreligious relations here will largely depend on peace and prosperity in our homeland “- the patriarch said.

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church also called on the Orthodox and Muslims calling to live in peace. “Obey those commandments which each must fulfill in accordance with their religious obligations. Then there is no hatred, because both Islam and Orthodoxy call people to peace and good relations with each other. Otherwise it can not be. Because if people believe in God, they can not sow evil around them and especially do not hate each other. Let thrive Tatarstan, Kazan wonderful city, its multi-ethnic and multi-religious community. Bless you all, God “- Kirill said.

A monument to Derzhavin patriarch waited mnogichislennye visitors Photo: Irina Erokhina

«I’m from the USSR»

After his landing Patriarch immediately went to Laishevsky district, home of the poet Gabriel Derzhavin . Such security measures these scenic spots certainly did not know. On the territory of the Church of the Epiphany between the village and Egoryevskoe Kaip where Gabriel Derzhavin bust was erected, all admitted, but only through a metal detector frames and bags dosmatrivaya parishioners. At the monument to Derzhavin, the veil which had to keep guys in the guard of honor (at times the wind was trying to tear it), we had already gathered VIP’y. You could learn the prosecutor RT Ildus Nafikova , Office of the President the head of Asgata Safarova . “Lit up” the Minister of Culture of RT Airat Sibagatullin and the chairman of the State Committee for Tourism Sergei Ivanov (I think, now this place will definitely be a point of interest for tourists?). They waited for the ceremony the chief federal inspector on RT Renat Timerzyanov , Minister of Justice Larisa Glukhov , Rector CFI Ilshat Gafurov , head of the Russian Union of Composers Rashid Kalimullin and the smaller number of officials – in the photographs can be found Deputy Minister of education Andrew Pominova or employee of Office of the President Daniel Mustafina , the number of high-ranking officials in the eyes dazzled. On the Rights of the guest host and met the head of Laishevo region Mikhail Afanasyev


two carpet organizers first brought to lay them in front of the monument, but considering that this is too much, one claimed. Despite the hustle and bustle outside, razlegshis right in the middle of the road, the honored guests were gorgeous black cat. Someone from the audience was delighted: “This kotriarh …” The temple of mere mortals are not allowed, however, willing to place everything would not be enough anyway. One of the pensioners managed to get over the fence, and when an alert employee of special services stopped her and asked, “Where are you from?”, My grandmother did not lose her and proudly replied. “I’m from the USSR” Not affected … In general, the resourcefulness of some believers had to be struck. Two elderly parishioners tried to jump over the fence, but were immediately stopped by the police. “Not huligante!” – He made a remark to them. “So after all the holiday what!” – Almost in tears, they were justified. However, what is happening in the church and was well heard on the street – Broadcast

Patriarch greeted Metropolitan Theophane was organized by:. “A dream come true of the Orthodox people in Tatarstan. From looking forward to your visit. And it is remarkable that your first entry into the land of Tatarstan proved it here, in the homeland of Gabriel Derzhavin. You recently by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposal was to lead the society of Russian literature in these difficult times. Welcome to a small, but nice village where pokoyutsya parents Derzhavin and where the great leader inspires their actions. »

« Not every theologian and church leaders can express high theological thought so simple, clear, convincing and surprising due to the external beauty of presentation, – the Patriarch responded, referring to Derzhavin. – From this heartland from seeing the light of Russian language and literature. And today, when we are faced with important challenges to the teaching of the Russian language in schools, an introduction to the great ideas of Russian classical literature of our people, it is remarkable to recall the name of Derzhavin and perform prayer and remembrance of him and his parents in the place where he was born. ”

«He had come to the fight against corruption, four-flusher …»

The Patriarch and brought gifts. Church of the Epiphany of the Lord went to the image of the Mother of God “is truly meet”.

«Miracle original is on Mount Athos, – the Patriarch said. – Before that way people pray, especially when they struck a terrible disease that is associated with the formation of malignant tumors in the body. There is a lot of evidence that prayer before this image and hear the Mother of God helps those who ask. Let a copy of this great image is here. ” Then, His Holiness made a gift to everyone who was present in front of a church holiday. He asked the clergy to distribute all the “little ikonochku the Blessed Virgin Mary” with the patriarchal blessing.

Then the procession moved to the street, where the tomb of the parents of Derzhavin. There was a prayer. Near the monument, which was the patriarch, clearly stood Rector All-Russian State University of Justice Olga Alexandrova (Bastrykin) in fact, at the university funds, led by the second wife of the chairman of the Russian Federation sledkoma Alexander Bastrykin , and was raised monument.


With this kind of overlap and some n eobychnaya speech of the patriarch during the opening of the monument “an outstanding figure and truth-seekers” after him have removed the veil. The fact that the focus of the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church did not on literary merit of the poet.

«Wherever he worked, whatever is done, has always sought to carry out God’s truth, and in his personal life, and working on these or other government jobs. It is therefore not just evolved his life. Too often, he had to engage in combat with those who share different views. In the first place with corrupt, four-flusher, people who worked in the province and tried to create a false idea of ​​their merits and the situation in those areas over which they were placed as chief. We know that the problem still exists, including in our country. Example Derzhavina is of great importance not only for those who study literature, religious philosophy, but also for those who are embarking on the path of nation-building, public service. ”

After that little patriarch looked at the crowd, pausing seems that all is well remembered his words. «Back then the great Derzhavin knew that without a moral attitude to the execution of the public service is not possible to achieve positive results. And now we repeat the same thing. May his example helps to poets, writers and statesmen to make it worthy of the work to which they are called, “- said the Primate.

However, he repeatedly thanked those who organized his visit to Tatarstan, thus apparently implying that the local authority in terms of integrity and honesty all right. «I am glad that in the year of the 200th anniversary of the death can take part in the opening of the monument at the place where Derzhavin was born and where he was baptized,” – said His Holiness

«But this is not a fact – quietly, so no one could hear, dropped director of the local museum Farid Murtazin . – It is known that the parents were married in Sokurov, the village is located near here. But it is not known where Gabriel R. baptized, for sure. ” However, it is probably still in Laishevo region, so that, strictly speaking, all the surrounding settlements may be called Derzhavinsk places.

Photo: Irina Erokhina

« accustom RESPECT THE MIDDLE TO AVOID like a flock of negligence … »

In the crowd on the opposite side of the VIP’ov could meet and present descendant Derzhavin, who came to the ceremony especially from Moscow. Alexander Vlasov was born in the then Ukrainian Crimea and four and a half years ago, decided to seek their ancestry.

«He and my ancestors common grandfather. His level, I am a child of his cousin. His father and my ancestors were siblings – he was trying to explain a difficult tree correspondent of “BUSINESS Online». – When I started searching for their ancestors did not even know that I have such a pedigree. In our family Chronicle nothing about it was said, all information found in the archives. ” When thinking about future career of affinity with Derzhavin, of course, had no idea. However, the genes yet taken their toll. Vlasov admitted that their profession is a lawyer, he was a colonel in the reserve of Justice, PhD

Holiness made a gift to everyone who was present in front of the church holiday” small ikonochku the blessed Virgin Mary “with patriarchal blessing Photo: Irina Erokhina

After the dignitaries laid wreaths at the monument to all those present began to distribute the promised small icons with the blessing of the patriarch. This caused a stir among the common people almost the same as in Soviet times, “threw” something scarce. Rector father Paul , which has done much to restore it, was not very pleased with this evidence of earnest religious sentiments. After the dignitaries left the village, he assembled the congregation in the church, to celebrate with such a significant event, as the Patriarch’s visit. On the other hand, sent a instruction. “You, Orthodox people, teaches respect for your neighbor, lest a careless herd, as it is now … Everyone had enough, and even left the patriarch’s blessing. to organize all, it would be much faster. ”

The question “BUSINESS Online» correspondent about whether the acquisition of the miraculous image of the number of visitors increased in the church, Father Paul said, important thing is not quantity but quality. The main thing – to get people to come and pray sincerely.

The next item on the patriarch’s visit was the island-town of Sviyazhsk, where the primate led a solemn service in the cathedral, “All Who Sorrow joy Photo: Irina Erokhina

The next item on the patriarch’s visit was the island-town of Sviyazhsk, where the primate led a solemn service in the cathedral, “All the Afflicted”, is part of the architectural ensemble of the island along with the Virgin Mary Assumption monastery. Tour of the island held a state adviser of RT Mintimer Shaimiev . « BUSINESS Online is preparing a publication on the events on the island-city of

tour of the island held State Advisor Mintimer Shaimiev Photo:


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