Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Obsessed genius and charming villain Benedict Cumberbatch – RIA Novosti

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On account of Benedict Cumberbatch several tens of a variety of roles. The brightest of them – Stephen Hawking in “Hawking” (2004), William Pitt the Younger in the movie “Amazing ease” (2006), Paul Marshall in the film “Atonement” (2007), Vincent van Gogh in the film “Van Gogh: Portrait write the word “(2010), Major Stewart in the movie” War horse “(2011)

in the photo:. Benedict Cumberbatch with fans in Toronto

In 2015, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II dedicated to Benedict Cumberbatch knighted – the actor was awarded the Order of the British Empire. This honorary award Cumberbatch received not only for his acting achievements, but also for achievements in the field of charity.

The actor Benedict Cumberbatch ranked among the 100 most influential people in the world, compiled by the magazine Time. In addition, he often gets in the ratings of various well-known publications as one of the sexiest male celebrities.

According to critics, the most successful line of Benedict Cumberbatch in the movie are geniuses and villains. One brilliantly played their negative characters – Han Singh in the sci-fi blockbuster “Star Trek: Nemesis” (2013)

In order to best meet the executed role, Benedict Cumberbatch is ready for more. So, to get used to the role of Sherlock Holmes, the actor took violin lessons and lost weight with the help of yoga and a special diet. And for the role of Singh’s “Star Trek” Cumberbatch actively visited the gym to build muscle.

July 19 marks the 40th anniversary of the famous British actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Artist of the most unusual of Sherlock Holmes has a number of prestigious awards. He has dozens of excellent roles played, but best of all, according to critics, it turns out to embody on screen the genius and villainy.

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