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What’s new show at the festival Comic Con 2016 – BBC

Every year, held in San Diego Festival of Comic-Con International – is one of the world’s largest conferences devoted to popular culture. Over the 46 years of its holding it were, it seems, almost all the important persons related to the comic book industry, movies, TV shows, fiction and fantasy, this is where the competition takes place in the art of cosplay fans – create an image of your favorite hero. In recent years Comic Con authority declined slightly – large corporations like Disney are trying to put aside projects for their own convents, in large projects, such as “Star Wars”, also have their own site, and show every year something new at the same time . quite difficult

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However, four days in July (this year’s festival held from July 21 to 24) in San Diego come to more than 100 thousand. spectators, and companies and studios try to give at least some exclusive, which fits the theme of the convention. So now they tell about their projects DC Comics, Warner Bros., the Marvel studio, various TV channels, despite the fact that most of the news is still news was not – just forget about the fans in entertainment content producers are not accepted. But there were also a real surprise.

«American Gods»

The path of the novel “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman on television was not the easiest. The book was published in 2001, he received two major fi “Hugo” award and “Nebula” and quickly became a gold-fiction / fantasy fund. It it was about the fight against the old deities of the ancient myths with new ones that occupied the concepts of modern life, like the media, the Internet and technology. In 2012, the novel interested on HBO, and it just came a few full seasons, but a year later on the channel from the project abandoned (apparently, he realized that will not pull it together with the “Game of Thrones”) and “American Gods” moved on Starz.

During the three years the show was visible outlines, and at the current Comic Con revealed and its first trailer.

it looks very gloomily, as well as a novel, and it is the first show of the future protagonists of the show – Shadow moon (Ricky Whittle), Mr. Environment (Ian McShane), and others. In addition, the panel series during the convention presented an actress Kristin Chenoweth (she plays Easter / White). Showrunner of the series was the Bryan Fuller ( “Hannibal”), and the premiere of “American Gods” will be held at the Starz channel in January 2017.

Rihanna in “Bates Motel»

«Bates Motel” – a backstory to the classic horror film of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho”, which tells the story of how her mother lived (Vera Farmiga) and son (Freddie Highmore) before the events shown in this picture. The series has been going on four seasons on the channel A & amp; E with sufficiently high ratings. Nevertheless, it was announced that the fifth season of the television thriller will be the last and end a kind of remake of “Psycho».

During the Comic Con, it was announced that this season “Bates Motel “will play the singer Rihanna.

She will get the role of Marion Crane, who at the time of the flight stopped in a secluded motel and dies there (in” Psycho “, this role went to Janet Leigh), the scene of Marion’s murder in the bathroom has become one of the most famous in the history of cinema.

the creators of the show producers Carlton Cuse and Kerry Erin casting Rihanna explained that wanted to give this iconic role more attention and make almost the center in the final show. Filming of the fifth season of “Bates Motel” will begin this fall, and the channel it will show in 2017 (regular season show out in the spring).

Rihanna and Luc Besson

Rihanna have not been very He starred in many films – in her filmography had several cameos and small roles, but in this Comic Con it was presented just twice. The second project with its participation in the festival was the fantastic kinokomiks Luc Besson’s “Valerian and the city of thousands of planets.” Of course, that she was there to star, it has been known for a long time (this is a character named Janet Leigh), and she was not present at the presentation itself, but all the same.

As for the project itself, it will be the most expensive French film – Besson, according to some, it will spend on “Valerian” $ 180 million

this is a film adaptation of the popular in France and parts of Europe series. comics “Valerian,” the adventures of outer agent Valerian and his partner Lorelin. These characters play Dane DeHaan ( “True Blood,” “Chronicle”) and Cara Delevingne (British top model and actress, soon it will be seen in the “Suicide Squad”). Before the release of pictures of a year (premiere July 21, 2017), but Besson decided that American viewers already have to start to teach French fiction. However, after the “Fifth Element” and “Lucy” from “Valerian” also have a chance of success.


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