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Prokofiev’s opera opened the First Far Eastern International Festival “Mariinsky” – TASS

VLADIVOSTOK, July 30. / Corr. Marina Schatiloff TASS /. First Far Eastern International Festival of the Mariinsky Theatre has opened today in Vladivostok for business, without loud pompous speeches or colorful ceremony. A short meeting of Valery Gergiev with the journalists, and fighting as the first performance.

“officially opens today the first Festival” Mariinsky “here in Vladivostok. I want to stress that this festival has become an international. And the main bonding tool must become close collaboration of artists from Russia, China, South Korea and hope North Korea, “- said before the opening of the festival artistic Director and General Director of the Mariinsky Theatre Valery Gergiev

.” It is important that the countries of the region felt that is, projects that combine any and all who live here of course, it should be artists from Japan, Vietnam, the united states Canada, Singapore Many of these countries have already presented today at the festival “-… said Gergiev

<. h2> The colors of dawn

The main sign of the most anticipated cultural events in the Far East began to flags and banners, painted in delicate shades of pink and red dawn. They decorated today approaches to the Maritime Festival Mariinsky. Bright spots were visible even from the opposite side of the Golden Horn Bay, inviting residents and visitors to take part in the opening of the First Far Eastern International Festival “Mariinsky”.

“The color for the symbols of the Mariinsky Theatre the first festival in the Far East was chosen . Here in the east the sun rises, so the festival selected a pink-red sunrise colors. A famous festival Mariinsky “stars of the White nights”, which was held this year for the 24th time and which will be the “elder” brother of our festival, has symbols painted in twilight blue tone “, – explained the organizing committee korr.TASS

Already in the foyer of the festival guests into a world of Mariinsky teatra- to the exhibition.” Art in its purest form “, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the first touring Russian ballet Japan. Documents and photographs from the historical foundations of the Mariinsky Theatre, the Russian archives and museums tell of the first shows of “Swan Lake”, “La Bayadere” and “Humpbacked Horse” in the land of the rising sun. “It’s like a connecting thread between the art of the west and east, which stretches a century ago and is more robust with the new festival”, – said the organizing committee

Magic Waiting

“I’m waiting. . from this new wonder of the festival, music, magic I am very pleased that we had the opera house and the opportunity to hear music and opera performed by the most famous artists, to see the ballet star I am personally waiting for this 60 years “, -. told korr.TASS 81- old resident Nina Alekseeva Vladivostok, which is going to visit all the performances of the festival

on the question. if proved expensive to buy tickets for nearly 20 performances, a pensioner said she was accustomed to the students watch presentation from the gallery, even like “plunge into the youth”, watching the presentation from the balcony. “Acoustics unmatched, great music, you can listen to from anywhere”, -. Spectator assured

Prokofiev to open

The first performance, open the program fnstivalya, was the opera by Sergei Prokofiev’s “Betrothal in a Monastery” . This performance is the first show in Vladivostok. The repertoire of the Maritime scene is only one opera by Sergei Prokofiev – “Love for Three Oranges”, and familiarity of the public with the composer’s creative work has only just begun

“We are living in the year of the 125th anniversary of Sergei Prokofiev’s Today show.” Betrothal. in the monastery “is a special gesture, offering Sergei Prokofiev, not only in Vladivostok, but also in many countries. the total population of the region is two or even three billion people, but I’m afraid that this opera is never sounded. this gap we today is renewable, “- said Valery Gergiev

.” This Vladivostok premiere of our famous productions of the Mariinsky Theatre in the evening attended by leading artists of the Mariinsky Theatre Sergei Aleksashkin Roman Burdenko, Andrei Popov, and the young soloists of the Maritime scene Sergey Pleshivtsev. Evgeny Plekhanov, Laura Bustamante, artists of the choir from St. Petersburg and Vladivostok For remote control of the Symphony orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre -.. Valery Gergiev We were looking forward to this performance and very excited – a close interaction of the two artists is very inspiring scenes and mutually enriching! Gives us some new breath, new paint this wonderful spectacle, we experience great joy from this work “, – he has told Tass People’s Artist of Russia Larisa Diadkova, performing in opera party Duenna

Bet on tourism

The festival should not be just one of the most significant cultural events of the Far East, but a point of attraction for tourists from the Asia-Pacific region. This opinion was expressed korr.TASS Territory governor Vladimir Miklushevsky. “Primorye is traditionally a center of Russian and European culture in Asia, and it is our region introduces her many tourists from the Asia-Pacific region. The interest in high art with our neighbors in the Asia-Pacific region is very high: coming to us in the region, they are often the first place try to visit the opera or ballet performances. In this regard, the emergence of the International Far Eastern Festival “Mariinsky” – the most important cultural event in our region and around the world “, -. Miklushevsky told

” This is a unique chance to see the musical masterpieces performed by Russian and foreign world-class stars, including the Asia-Pacific countries. The program is so interesting that I want to visit all the productions “, – assured the governor

Hope maritime authorities that.” Mariinsky “will attract additional tourists justified by 100% As described in the ticket office of the theater, only. the first day of e-commerce audiences from Japan and the Republic of Korea was bought about 1,100 tickets total, according to preliminary estimates, about 25-30% of all tickets were purchased by guests of the Asia-Pacific region and the winners are carriers and hoteliers:.. for festival days rose sharply sale of flights from Japan, China, the Republic of Korea in Vladivostok, where many of the guests are going to hold in the seaside capital a few days and visit several concerts and performances.

12 days, 25 performances

in just 12 days of the festival, residents and guests of Primorsky Krai will see 25 performances, among which are the most famous ballet and opera productions of the Mariinsky Theatre. At the festival in Vladivostok came the most famous soloists of the Mariinsky Theatre and artists from Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Mongolia, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, the United States, Puerto Rico

Among the invitees -. the world-famous Puerto Rican soprano Ana Maria Martinez, who will perform the title role in the opera “Madame Butterfly” by Giacomo Puccini, leading soloists Mariinsky Theatre Mikhail Vekua, Larisa Diadkova Julia Matochkina and others.

The ballet festival poster is decorated with names such as Diana Vishneva, Ulyana Lopatkina, Catherine Kondaurova Oksana Skorik. The title role in the ballet “Giselle” performed by the first soloist of Paris Opera Ballet, winner of Benois de la danse-2016 Hannah O’Neill Award (Japan). Her partner will perform the first soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre Xander Parish (UK). The festival will end on August 10.


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