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Review of “Ghostbusters,” “Neon Demon,” “Judgment Night 3″ and other new movies – Version

On the eve of August at home screens you can see some fresh prime: Restart the cult adventure comedy “Ghostbusters”, a dramatic thriller with elements of horror “Neon Demon”, a horror film “Judgment Night 3″ and the new “Yoganutye” Kevin Smith movie.


(16 +)

Dir. – Gender Figure

Cast – Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Chris Hemsworth, Cecily Strong, Andy Garcia, Neil Casey, Charles Dance, Michael Kenneth Williams

Production – United States

Fantastic adventure comedy, which is an ideological continuation and at the same time restarting the good old «Ghostbusters» . Director of the film was the Paul FIG , who shot a good action comedy «spy» , «The Heat» and «Bridesmaids” , as well as many TV shows varying degrees scall

the film differs from the original tape to a few nuances, basically, all the same -. team hunters for ghosts saves the city from the invasion of the most ghosts in the head of which is an insidious villain. It all started with how the protagonists Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates in his youth is seriously engaged in the study of paranormal phenomena. Years pass and Erin becomes a respected professor in the scientific field for the study of quantum physics. But suddenly someone offers to publish her book on paranormal phenomena, which should greatly discredit Erin. After a series of random events, it becomes a witness to the presence of ghosts. This gives rise to the creation of the team ghost hunters, which, in addition to Erin and Abby went Gillian nuclear engineer and former employee of Metro Patty. The post of Secretary are invited charming handsome Kevin. Now they have to prevent the plans of an evil demon.

Well, the creators have changed the floor of the main characters, and the plot is left unchanged. Many viewers already this fact infuriated. There are many ways relates to the feminization of modern society, to stand up for him or condemn, but that’s a topic for another article. Here we look at the film from an artistic side. And it actually turned out to be bad, even despite the fact that the original tapes in 1984 and 1989 were not masterpieces. Yes, many of us love these pictures, it is quite justified, because in addition to a strong and exciting story yumorkom they can also scare the viewer, especially in childhood. This mixing comedy with horror, as well as the presence of a great cast made of old «Ghostbusters» a memorable film. But restarting something definite can not boast of (except, perhaps, we have already mentioned endemic feminization) . Almost all the best jokes tapes were in a trailer – yes, the rest is even worse humor. The script, as you might understand, also does not shine – you will have a familiar story, but in a different wrapper. The main character – a set of stamps with different degree of staleness, which, by and large, suitable such films – they run, grimace suit showing off his coolness and let the jokes. All the male characters in the film – minded dullards. Of course, this is not a reason to call this work the worst film of the year, as did many American commentators (in the US premiere took place on July 9) , but the original paintings it is very, very far away. In fact, this is the usual comedy style Paul Figà about the company of women that kurazhatsya throughout the action. About any claims to the horror component is not in sight. If it were not binding to the «Ghostbusters» (restart which many fans more than a year waiting impatiently) , this picture would not cause such a wave of discussions, as usual pass disposable comedy.

Neon Demon

(18 +)

Dir. – Nicolas Winding Refn

Cast – Elle Fanning, Karl Glusman, Jena Malone, Bella Heathcote, Abbey Lee, Desmond Harrington, Christina Hendricks, Keanu Reeves, Charles Baker, Jamie Clayton

Production – France Denmark, USA

Dramatic thriller with elements of horror from the Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn , known for such works as «Only god forgives» and «Drive»

The main character -. Jesse young girl who has just moved to Los Angeles at the invitation of modeling agency. Career goes uphill, designers willingly invited to the shows, charmed the gentle beauty of Jesse. But the fashion world is cruel – rivals are on the alert and happy to get rid of the future Queen of gloss

Nicolas Winding Refn -. It is a good representative of the Danish cinema school, with its recognizable style. «Neon demon» – the picture ambivalent: on the one hand it is fascinating brilliance and elegance of fashion shows, dissecting the subject and coming down to open image necrophilia and cannibalism (the stage of having sex with a corpse and eating parts of the human body present) . Such a surreal mixture and is represented in this tape. Movie times are very hard, especially in growing closer to the final, while the beginning it seems quite harmless. The plot is rather weak tape, but the director relied on another – visuals are perfectly weighted, even the most disgusting scenes filmed delicately; licked the picture, coupled with the work of the studio artists, make-up artists and dressers pleasantly pleasing to the eye. All of this plays well in contrast with some sickening scenes that can cause indiscriminate spectator to leave the room. The verified visuals perfectly complements the atmospheric soundtrack composer Cliff Martinez . Of course, the story itself is rather weak, it can be said, even empty, but fans of “tin” this movie is definitely worth watching. The others who dare to indulge, it is better to go on an empty stomach.

Judgment Night 3

(18 +)

Dir. – James DeMonaco

Cast – Frank Grillo, Elizabeth Mitchell, Mykelti Williamson, Joseph Julian Soria, Betty Gabriel, Terry Serpico, Edwin Hodge, Kyle Sikora, Barry Nolan, Liza Colon-Zayas

Production – France, the US

The third part of a fantastic horror film from the permanent director of the series James DeMonaco .

The plot of this part is not much different from the previous two – in the United States to come back the ship the night when each inhabitant can with impunity to do whatever he pleases, that attracts many tourists. But this time is a politician, who spoke against holding the ship the night in the center of the narrative. Now the hunt is opened for him.

The third part of the franchise came to light thanks to a good first and second collections of paintings, as well as a certain number of good reviews and audience feedback. But this film understands the fate of many parts of the third – he rolled into samopovtor uses the same dies, and its structure is very similar to the «Judgment Night 2» . But unlike him, this part looks cheap, the special effects look unrealistic. Nothing exciting, and fans will not see the horror and cruelty – this time it is reduced only to unmotivated murder in the frame. Very weak sequel, which is a good demonstration of the desire of producers to the end to squeeze all the juice out of the once successful ideas.


(16 +)

Dir. – Kevin Smith

Cast – Johnny Depp, Natasha Lyonne, Austin Robert Butler, Haley Joel Osment, Tyler Posey, Kevin Smith, Genesis Rodriguez, Justin Long, Adam Brody, Stan Lee

Production – United States

The comedic fiction horror film from the Kevin Smith , which became popular after the «Clerks» movies (which earned the two palm branches Cannes Film Festival) , «Dogma» , «Jay and Silent Bob strike back» and other

In the center -. two girlfriend, a high school, each of which name is Colin. They live in the Canadian provinces, saleswomen work part time in the store, the dream start to hang out with older guys and do yoga with boredom. Suddenly strange creatures attack the town, like sausages-soldiers of the First World War. Now our heroine have to stop the impending invasion.

Kevin Smith broke into the film industry in the mid 90s. His films of the second half of that decade and the beginning of zero, which many of us remember and love, made Smith name and allowed to earn as much money as you need to in spite of everything, do what he likes. Namely – to shoot a movie. In recent years, Kevin Smith has released a few not so popular as his earlier works paintings. The search for a new style and genre were the reason for the creation of such work as a good political thriller “Red State» (which seems typical slasher at first, but since the mid raises pressing questions of public safety and terrorism) , and treshovy horror film ” tusk » (this tape is strictly an amateur – even many loyal fans like not accepted) . «Yoganutye» this trend continues – Smith more deepens in experiments, and this time the experience left side – the picture is not successful. The plot of the movie, despite the abundance of scenic piles, no. Nothing original there is no copyright here. Everything that happens on the screen – is absurd and silly, humor, or vulgar, or black. Of course, it is possible to regard this work as trash, but it is not very fun, not scary, and leaves the impression of cheap schlock, despite a good cast. Watch this movie go at your own risk.

As for the pictures that are already out in the rental and do not go to the big screens of our country, the fantastic action adventure «Star Trek: Infinite» took the top spot at the box office in the past weekend, edging out the animated film «Ice Age 5» on the second place. Closes the three leaders of the horror film «And the lights go out …» .

Have a good weekend and a nice view!


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