Wednesday, July 13, 2016

As for the game Pokemon Go will remove a feature film – BBC

The World hysteria around the game Pokemon Go and the subsequent increase in the value of the company Nintendo (just 25%) regular manner attracted the attention of Hollywood. Production company Legendary Pictures may obtain the rights to shoot a feature film about the Japanese pocket monsters, and, according to Deadline, the deal will be the most expensive in the history of relations between gaming and cine industries.

According to the newspaper, Legendary ready to immediately pay $ 5 million for the opportunity to work on such a picture; usually it is limited to 5% of the rolling fees – the video game translation to the big screen is not always profitable, so the filmmakers are trying to insure

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By and large, Pokemon (which translates from Japanese as “pocket monsters”) – the characters are not less popular than, say, those that served as the basis for “Battleship” movies or “pixels.” This year it was 20 years (the first game for game console Game Boy came out in February 1996), then it was a few generations of video games for Nintendo consoles, nearly two dozen feature-length animated films (the nineteenth, Volcanion to Karakuri no Magearna, will be released in Japan 16 of July), comics, manga and other related products. As for the Pokemon, these monsters on subjects of games have to fight with each other as they taught master instructor. Plot of the film, of course, varied, but not by much.

number of pictures on a particular topic (including Pokemon), of course, does not always mean quality.

The first film, subtitled “Mewtwo Strikes back” (Mewtwo – a clone of a rare pokemon Mew), was released in 1998 and was the most commercially successful. In the US, he was released under the name Pokémon: The First Movie, and with a budget of $ 30 million grossed $ 85.7 million (and around the world – $ 163.6 million). The following parts were not so successful; in wide release were released two more films, another couple was awarded only a limited release (total franchise fees in the US amounted to $ 149 million), and then they spread only on video.

However, the number of fans of Pokemon absence of idols films in cinemas is not particularly affected.

What, in fact, proved Pokemon Go, in which players need to look and catch Pokemon in real life, exploring the streets cities, buildings and other places. Caught beings supposed to pump in order to fight with them in the battle arenas. The game itself is currently only available in the US, New Zealand and Australia, which, however, does not prevent users from other countries to establish it and, of course, to play.

As Deadline assures the right to make a film about Pokemon claimed several Hollywood companies, but that Legendary Pictures closest to success. However, the negotiations did not comment on any filmmakers or igrodely of Pokemon USA, but it seems to be true, if the promotion of the brand in a big movie will Legendary. This company was established in 2005 and was responsible for the emergence of such high-profile films as “Home”, and three kinokomiksa Batman Christopher Nolan, based on it made “300″, “Interstellar”, “Pacific Rim” and “World of Jurassic period “, and” The Hangover, “” streets Voice “and” Everest »

One of the last works of Legendary Pictures -. taken in cooperation with Blizzard picture based on known game

«Warcraft.” Another company since 2010 trying to make a film based on the popular game franchise Mass Effect, but this project seems to come to light only after the picture of the Pokemon, which, despite the uncertainty of the contract for the sale of rights, even a writer. According to rumors (which also does not comment on Legendary) it will be Max Landis, author of the story and the script for last year’s sci-fi thriller “Victor Frankenstein».


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