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Black Sabbath: Paranoid end. Photowire – News

In his farewell tour of the British group has shown excellent form

Photo: Alex Molchanovsky

The historical hard rock band Black Sabbath spent last evening with the Muscovites. But this finale might not happen. “Sabbatovskie” old men in recent years behave unpredictably and pretty unwell. Drummer Bill Ward continued their traditional parishes, leaving the group and eventually refused to participate in the recording of the last album “13″, and all who followed him (including farewell) tour.

Tony Iommi took the fight to cancer illness and returned to the team. Ozzy periodically moped in his remarks made it clear that far ahead does not look – God forbid, they say, to deal with those contractual obligations that the “Sabbaths” already committed themselves.

And then there’s a fellow rock ‘n’ roll is constantly taking place all sorts of absurdities. That “Aerosmith” crackling at the seams, the AC / DC starts doubtful to patch holes in the lineup and receive protests from fans who are ready to deliver the tickets. In short, ladies and gentlemen, the time, as it turns out, not only with authority over the “Rolling”. The rest of the monsters of rock age, although trying to be cheerful. So when last year announced the final world voyage Black Sabbath, there were many skeptics who doubted whether the nearly 70-year-old man will reach to targeted points on three continents

Moscow lucky?. “Sabbat” not only reached the “Olympic”, and appeared in his best form, judging from their concerts the past decade. In any case, such a confident Ozzy I do not remember since the early 1990s. And if Tony got its second wind. Such a king, he did not seem even to the disease in Heaven and Hell c Dio still alive. Terry Butler, a long time wearer the Birmingham slang name geezer, it can be recorded even in some project.

In general, Black Sabbath tour to The End thoroughly prepared. In the Russian capital the group had completed its continental European trip. Ahead only scheduled for 2017-th tour of North America and as the codes – a tour of the UK home

Four years ago, “Sabbat” wanted to open his previous tour in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but. reasons already mentioned above (leaving Iommi and Ward’s disease) all fell through. Two years ago, the band played the same in the same “Olympic”, but not in full. During the final major part of the concert song Children of the Grave passed out in the hall equipment, disconnected “sabbatovsky” remote and microphone. Surprised Ozzy and his comrades without bows and thanks withdrew into the darkness. Lust people encores topic Paranoid not sounded.

When the time came to the same software bundle, all who remember the last concert, tensed and froze in anticipation. But now the “Sabbat” managed to finish the job “paranoid” farewell tour and hovering on the title screen. It looked majestic and sad.

And in the last two hours on the contrary, was fervently and kayfovo. Revell crowded fan zone, responded the most distant and lofty rostrum flanks. The set list of the concert any “sabbatovsky” fan knew practically by heart. Group admits it only minimal changes and rearrangements.

It should be noted Moscow’s “warm-up» BS. California mother’s command with its Rival Sons Pressure and Time, refer to the era of the early “Purple”, “Zeppelin” and “sabbatovskoy” youth, even as something embarrassing to spend on such a category. In another room, they are quite capable to take hedlaynerskuyu position.

After Rival Sons on three large screens swept video-horror story, crowned with a burning flame of Black Sabbat inscription. The eponymous song, almost half a century ago opened “sabbatovskuyu ‘discography, legends and started the show.

The charismatic Ozzy has made all of its symbolic action – caustic laugh, moved out of the province in his scenes margin slightly comical gait, swaying crowd proprietary “Hey!” Into the front Void and wound up its rhythmic clapping in a style that after the soccer Euro 2016 may be referred to the Icelandic.

in Snowblind frontman doused first parter bucket of water. And Dirty Women have incessantly splashed on public purple mnogolitrovye capacity. But the main thing – Ozzy famously sang. And a good sound in the “Olympic” was it a help

Regularly on-screen close-ups of the game Butler, Iommi and young mate Ward -. Textured Detroit drummer Tommy Klafetosa – urged that the group could well continue its concert activity. Solo each of them only strengthened this view.

In general, the “Sabbat” broke with Moscow beautiful. And hopefully, honestly. Not like Scorpions or A-ha. Leaving go. Otherwise, everything will turn into a farce. And repetition certainly get worse and unreliable.


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