Monday, July 18, 2016

Grudgebearer Leps recalled offense London – Dni.Ru

Grigory Leps was refused a visa to the UK a year ago. This Dnyam.Ru told concert director of the singer.

“He was denied a year ago I do not understand why now it has emerged, is why it was so actively discussed.”, – Said the representative of the actor told Dney.Ru


N and the music festival “Heat” in Baku Grigory Leps complained from the scene that he was denied a visa to the UK. So his masterpiece jointly with Timothy, “I’ll go to live in London” and was musical composition. “My Documents examined 120 days and as a result turned without explanation,” – quoted Leps site “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

note that the popular Russian actor refused visa and America. US Treasury at the end of October 2013, introduced it in their listings on suspicion of belonging to the so-called Eurasian crime syndicate Brothers’ Circle.

The actor allegedly associated with certain Vladislav Leontyev and Gafur Rakhimov. They are considered one of the most influential members of criminal groups and are in the sanction lists of the United States in February 2012. Gregory called the history of delusional

“What guided the people by putting me on the list involved in a criminal group, I would also be very interested to know I -.. Law-abiding citizen if the Ministry of Finance leadership of the US thinks that I am a criminal. let then dig Frank Sinatra (who is also accused of involvement in the mafia – Ed…), and it even sent to prison – it is just as absurd as the accusations against me, or akin to the myth of Iraqi atomic bomb I do not understand.. what sanctions threaten me if banned entry – well … America – a beautiful country, but I will survive And I move there still was not going to “-. he said Leps publishing



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