Friday, July 22, 2016

Choreographer Boris Eifman celebrates 70th anniversary –

Eifman proved that dance is not a stranger to the language of tragedy and philosophical prose. Stepping through a variety of choreographic taboo master boldly joined the classic and avant-garde, forcing spectators to argue, discuss and applaud.

Eifman quickly picked up the keys to far from young artists. He lit his restlessness, which is always appreciated at all times in the theater. The very future choreographer danced since childhood, but fate determined “Swan Lake” ?? the ballet the first time he was eight years old.

In a small 30 in Eifman’s already had his own theater. ballet “The Idiot” appeared in 1980. He had a phenomenal success and was shot on film. The main game then danced the same Valery Mikhailovsky, who later created his own company.

During the entire existence of the theater Eifman was created about 40 productions. Since the late ’80s, he takes out a troupe of modern ballet in Mecca ?? New York. Balletomanes discovered choreographer whose plastic language is similar to the main directions, which then reigned in the world of dance.

Details ?? in the subject NTV correspondent Pavel Ryzhkov .


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