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Fazil Iskander died in his sleep – BBC News

Today it is bitter news. He died one of the most significant and certainly known and loved writers Fazil Iskander. He was 87 years old. Condolences to the family and relatives of the writer Vladimir Putin expressed.

Several generations of readers rose on the book by Fazil Iskander. State Prize winner, holder of the Order “For Merit” Fazil Iskander called himself a Russian writer and poet of his homeland – Abkhazia. His exquisite poems and wise prose translated into many languages ​​of the world.

Fazil Iskander died this morning in his sleep, at Moscow dacha in Peredelkino, where everything is so reminiscent of him and where relatives and friends still can not believe in the incident. “Actually, he did not like the noise He loved the small town, loved the village where looking for eternal rest -. Why he arrived in Peredelkino And now he’s found peace forever.” – Says writer Konstantin Skvortsov, co-chairman of the Board of the Russian Union of Writers

The writer, who probably will be called great – an absolute classic of the literature of the second half of the twentieth century. He left a body of important works that were published in mass editions and been loved by millions of readers.

Fazil Iskander was born in Abkhazia Sukhumi, was educated at the Literary Institute, up to the early 1990s worked as an editor in the Abkhaz State Publishing House office, then moved to Moscow . All-Union fame he acquired in 1966 when Twardowski decided to publish in the “New World” of its “Constellation Kozlotura”, and the first and only Soviet award Iskander was only in 1989 for his novel “Sandro of Chegem”. By then it was restructuring, and he was 60.

The great epic Chegem Inskander wrote over fifteen years. Conceived as a parody of the picaresque novel, “Sandro” has grown to the extent of the saga, having incorporated the infinity and variety of life. Converts Abkhazia at the center of the universe, the writer has made its inhabitants – relatives, neighbors, descendants and ancestors – the heroes of their works. There Abkhazia geographical, a historic, but there Iskander, in which he reveals the “significance of the epic existence of a small nation.” She became his center of truth about the world and his criterion of moral evaluation. On the famous Brehalovke – meeting place on the waterfront of Sukhum – of his great countryman suhumtsy can talk for hours

“I know that he lives in us in each Abkhazia He lives we live in the monuments on the embankment He had…. It became our genome. ” “When a person no longer remains his work will then be given to him to score, and she -. The greatest” – say the locals. And one of the countrymen Fazil Abdulovich selective way even brought fantastic animal – Kozlotura invented by the writer in the pages of his book

In 1979, Iskander helped create uncensored almanac “Metropol”.. Actually it was one of the few “sixties”, who suffered no losses test of freedom of speech and paradoxical crisis “loss of the enemy” the totalitarian system. Probably because for Iskander important always remain eternal values: light, house, kind of. About them, he told in the pages of his books, many of which later found life in your favorite movies people

“Even the image of Stalin, for whom he took many even great writers -. Solzhenitsyn, Aksyonov, Aleshkovsky – failed him all best-taki Because that’s so terrible, funny and accurate Stalin no one I’m more in the literature have not seen. “- says author Andrew Bits

.” This is the only great writer, a truly wise . the writer, who at today’s Nobel Prize winners, and he is above them I other such do not know that what is called a “unique” “-… says People’s Artist of Russia Zhvanetski

Iskander twice nominated for the Nobel Prize – the truth, and they have not given, and many believe it is unfair. But other awards was a huge amount. Three Order “For Services to the Fatherland” II, III and IV. Three of the State Prize, one of the USSR, and two – the Russian Federation. Pushkin Prize and the “Triumph”. In 2011, the day of his 82nd birthday, Fazil Iskander, said: “I – of course Russian writer, much to chant Abkhazia Abkhazian I, unfortunately, not configured Selection of Russian culture for me was clear..”

Iskander works have been translated into all European languages, Chinese and Japanese. But in space there is an asteroid, discovered in 1983 and named in his honor. About himself Fazil Abdulovich the mouth of his hero, once said: “The wisdom – it is the mind, infused with conscience.” Therefore, the will of the writer and humanist may well be the words: “I felt always committed to helping the person to cheer up in this difficult life and be gracious enough, honest enough After the ultimate goal of art as religion – human humanization.”

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