Thursday, July 21, 2016

“High Life” by Woody Allen: a tragicomedy with a brand squint – Official web-site of radio Vesti FM

In rolling out the new Woody Allen movie “High Life”, in May opened the Cannes Film Festival, and in June closed the MIFF. The main role in it played by young stars Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart. Love triangle, humor and atmosphere of the Hollywood 30-ies of the XX century – all that is necessary to fans of American classics. Film Critics “Vesti FM” Anton Dolin praised the picture

It is rather difficult to say with certainty about the new Woody Allen film “High Life” – whether it is a comedy.; at least not to a greater extent than other tape prolific American film classic. That is, he can not do without humor, and the story itself is told here is rather dramatic. But again, the irony here is palpable more than any kind of sentimentality or pathos

So, the first half of the film takes place in Los Angeles, specifically in Hollywood, the second -. In New York, and all – in 1930: the old-fashioned jazz flair and glamor and decadence, and depression, is well familiar from “The Great Gatsby”, you will experience here. Modest shlimazel from New York comes to the famous uncle, hoping for a career in the entertainment industry. My uncle – the famous actor’s agent knows all the stars in person, and he was not up to the young man, but taking pity, he nevertheless entrusts the care of his young secretary loser. Do they have a novel – how else? The more so because his nephew is playing Jesse Eisenberg, has worked with Allen in his Roman painting, and the girl – beautiful here than ever before Kristen Stewart: great operator Vittorio Storaro, known for his paintings Bertolucci and Coppola, removes it so that immediately forget about the “Twilight “and other rubbish, where it managed to withdraw.

On the role of the uncle, I must say, was originally invited by Bruce Willis, who probably would have looked funny in a Woody Allen movie, but in the end did not happen, and so there was Steve Carrell – in fact, a first-class actor, not just a comedian. Thus is formed a love triangle: yes, my uncle he is sleeping with his secretary. But it’s no secret, the viewer to guess before the hero, and in general, here – just tie. They will meet again in New York, which will return a young man with a broken heart and where to finally cease to be a failure, succeed because of another relative – a cold-blooded brother-gangster who needs the maitre d ‘for a chic nightclub, open on unearned income

Family parable of the vicissitudes of life, love and the impermanence of it, the cruelty to the family and ourselves, is made with a proprietary squint Woody Allen, I love to play the cynical connoisseur of platitudes and laws of human existence. Let this sign solitaire us in advance if: Allen – the old friend that expensive new two, three, but at least fifty, because it is – one. Style, class, the irony, the ability to gather the most talented colleagues in one place and at one time, all of this – Woody Allen, quite contrary to the title of the film, not secular, and all mankind completely. For his and love.


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