Monday, July 25, 2016

Sergei Ivanov promised to start construction of the Dance Theatre until the end of the year – the Russian newspaper

Sergei Ivanov promised to start construction of the Theatre of dance until the end of the year

In St. Petersburg on the stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater were honored choreographer Boris Eifman, which marks the 70th anniversary . The head of the Kremlin administration Sergei Ivanov read out the text from the scene congratulatory telegrams to the president: “Have you ever walked down the beaten path: inexhaustible energy, talent and loyalty to the vocation helped you create your theater space …”

– Strongly believe that today the 70th anniversary of Boris Eifman, because it is not just watched as he flits across the stage -. on his own added Ivanov

Head of the Presidential administration noted pedagogical talent Eifman, which is now being implemented in the including the walls of his “famous boarding” – Boris Eifman dance Academy. And in the near future the theater will finally his house – the head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation promised to personally monitor the construction of the Dance Palace in the so-called Judges’ quarter on the Petrograd side

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– I want to please you and to reassure, – Ivanov appealed to the choreographer with the theater scene. – Project approved by the end of the year builders will come to the site. I solemnly swear before a large audience, it will continue to monitor the project.

According to preliminary calculations, the new theater could open the door for the audience in three years, at the end of 2019. So Boris Eifman has already begun to think of his repertoire

He plans to return to the stage his performances of previous years, “The Passion of Moliere” and “Russian Hamlet” -. The same as a year ago returned to the repertoire of “Red Giselle” – an updated, remodeled version. In addition, Boris Eifman is going to finally turn to the classics and to deliver “The Nutcracker.” This production he plans to inaugurate the Children’s Dance Theatre, which will be created on the basis of the Academy in 2018. The building is for him, as is already known, will help build the city.


On the day of the birth of the decree of the Russian President for his great contribution in the development of national culture and art, and many years of fruitful activity of Boris Eifman was awarded the Order of Honor.


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