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Died writer Fazil Iskander – RBC

The writer Fazil Iskander

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In Peredelkino outside Moscow on 88 th year of life died writer Fazil Iskander. How to tell the relatives of the writer, it is up to the last moment led an active life, and died in his sleep

On the 88 th year of life died writer Fazil Iskander, “Ekho Moskvy” referring to the chairman of the Russian Writers’ Union Valery Ganicheva.

Earlier, the death of the writer Life wrote, citing a source in the medical community. According to the newspaper, Iskander felt ill, lost consciousness, and then close it called an ambulance.

At the same time, “Interfax” referring to the writer’s family reported that he died in his sleep. The family of the late news agency said that Iskander wanted to be buried in the graveyard in Peredelkino.

The President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba said that the republic’s authorities have offered families Iskander bury the writer in his homeland. “We have offered families of the deceased writer to bury him in the center of the Abkhaz capital,” – he said and added that the last word belongs to the family of the deceased. “We will support any decision native Iskander”, – he stressed the head of the republic

Fazil Iskander born March 6, 1929 in Sukhumi (Abkhazia).. In 1954 he graduated from the Literary Institute. AM Gorky. He is known for such works as “Constellation Kozlotura”, “Sandro of Chegem”, “Rabbits and boas”, “Sofichka».

According to the works of Iskander made films, including “Thieves in Law” (1988 , based on the stories), “Constellation Kozlotura” (1989, based on the novel), “A feast of Belshazzar, or Night with Stalin” (1989, based on the chapters of the novel “Sandro of Chegem»).

in addition, in 2016 is expected to yield in rent pictures “Sofichka” based on the story of Iskander

The writer was awarded a number of awards -. in particular, the order “for services to the Fatherland» II, III and IV powers, the USSR State Prize, the Prize of the Russian government, the Russian State Prize.

in 2009, the Bank of Abkhazia put into circulation a commemorative silver coin 10 APSARS marking the 80th anniversary of the Iskander birthday.

out of the life of the writer and poet Fazil Iskander

 The famous Russian writer and poet, died in Moscow at the eighty-eighth year. Among created Iskander – the story “Constellation Kozlotura”, “Rabbits and boas”, “Sofichka” novel “Sandro of Chegem”. In his scenario, and the works of 8 feature films shot. In his work Iskander often turned to his homeland, to Abkhazia, but written entirely in Russian. He said that Russian culture – is it a conscious and clear choice. Prose Iskander – the phenomenon of multi-faceted, there are interwoven tale, philosophy and even science fiction

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