Friday, July 29, 2016

Reincarnation “Ghostbusters” captured the audience – News

All the attention this week is focused on the reincarnation of “Ghostbusters,” but those who do not scare ghosts can watch a thriller about the cruelty of show business and the fiction of the international ship overnight.

Horror “Judgment Night 3″ extends the scope of the doers of lawlessness on the screen. Night lawlessness, during which it is possible to produce on the will of all his demons has become fashionable tourist brand. And now, in the future of America bloodthirsty tourists flock from around the world. In addition, the story is added and the political line of the film. The film becomes a scene of several ironic election campaign. Judgment Night – the perfect time to get rid of unwanted senator. It remains to wish to live an honest policy before dawn to warn viewers that the fantasy of the creators of the horror trilogy is clearly running out.

Sherkhan voiced in a recent “Jungle Book” Idris Elba, this time starts a new hunt in the role of a CIA agent. Unexpected tandem police and the thief in action movie “Steep steps”. A clever pickpocket Michael currently ripping off passers-by in the center of Paris and had no idea that one of the stolen bags will change his life forever. Thief suddenly became interested in not only the French police, and the CIA. Among them are rude and brutal special intelligence agent Sean Brier, not respecting the instructions and used to improvise. This time, he decided to put the talent pickpocket crime on the country’s security service. Adventures of a strange couple are dangerous and unpredictable, and the rapid and interesting thriller.

Beauty terrible force especially in high concentrations. Horror business model in the new film Nicolas Winding Refn “Neon Demon”. How to become a star and survive. Cult director raises this issue in his next beautiful and brutal film that easily flows from beyond the gloss to the bloody horror. Provincial Jess to conquer Los Angeles and it is possible to fairly quickly. Contract models, fashion shows, shooting from the best photographers. However, in the glory can be on time and do not realize how dangerous it is to be beautiful and ready to forgive the young upstart rival such a meteoric rise. It is a very controversial and provocative picture that however accurately notices carnivorous essence of show business.


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