Monday, July 25, 2016

Brie Larson – “Captain Marvel» – – ERA News

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plainclothes actress and pop singer Brie Larson, laureate of “Oscar”, will play a superhero – Captain Marvel – kinovselennoy from Marvel. This is the first picture of the studio in which the main protagonist will be a female superhero. From 2012, the suit and the ability to Captain Marvel belongs to Carol Danvers, a brilliant pilot US Air Force, which had to meet with an alien Mar-Vell, and this meeting determined its fate. She worked as a military pilot, and the supernormal received after the accident, when her blood landed alien DNA

At the presentation of the final next surprise was procured:. The audience not only showed the official sign of the blockbuster « Captain Marvel », however, provided the performer of the title role in the first film studio of a female superhero.

The output picture is conceived 7 March 2019 g.

The script« Captain Marvel »prepare Gene Colan, Meg LeFov and Nicole Perlman.


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