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“Star Trek: Infinite” became a US box-office leader and Canada – BBC

In 2009 came the next, the 11th feature film in the universe of “Star Trek” – the cult sci-fi franchise, begun in the 1960s TV series of the same name. Director of the film was the JJ Abrams, behind which was the work on television (TV series “Lost”) and setting the third part of an action movie “Mission Impossible”. The track record is certainly not the most impressive, but it was Abrams managed to breathe in the ship “Enterprise” crew of a new life – offered them a vision of the franchise enjoyed the audience and critics

He was trusted and the continuation ( “Star Trek:. Retribution “was released in 2013), which also proved to be very successful – and quality and at the box office. But then there was a big turnover directors in Hollywood franchises. Abrams suggested to make the seventh episode of “Star Wars,” and he agreed; his place in the “Star Trek” came Justin Lin (director of four “Fast and Furious” – the third through sixth) and set the seventh “Fast and Furious” summoned known for low-budget horror ( “Saw”, “Astral”) by James Wan. It is now clear that Abrams and Wang’s all you are: charges “Awakening forces” exceeded $ 2 billion, “Fast and Furious 7″ earned more than $ 1.5 billion, both these films have become champions in revenue in its franchises. And now you can see how to deal with Justin Lin task

. «Star Trek: Infinite” was launched in the US and Canada, has earned for the weekend from 22 to 24 July $ 59, 6 million and took in the American box office top spot

For the 185 millionth picture of such a starting revenue does not look suitable (charges forecast – about $ 200 million). but it should be noted that “Star Trek” could never boast of big taxes. Top grossing film series (those who took Abrams) brought the box office $ 386 million and $ 467 million respectively, and around the world, of course. Yes, and they are no one struck in the starting weekend: the “Star Trek” was $ 75 million (in 2009), and in. “Star Trek: Nemesis” – $ 70 million, but “Star Trek” is not just considered to be a cult, the army fans had an impressive, keep it necessary, and therefore the company Paramount to the results of the weekend was received with philosophical calm (say, anything can happen), and the fourth film in the series has already put into operation – it was even invited Chris Hemsforta a father Kirk’s captain .

The second place went to the leader of the previous two weeks – yet another animated film “The Secret life of animals” which added another $ 29.3 million in its treasury and brought the total revenues to . $ 323 700 000

A third place at the new, female version of “Ghostbusters”, which is stalled: at 144 million budget total revenue picture is only $ 122.8 million of which over the past weekend at the US box office, it grossed $ 21.6 million.

Fourth became another novelty, which the producers (one of them, incidentally, was the same James Wan) is unlikely to upset such a low place

«And the lights go out ….” – this is the usual format for low-budget Wan (production cost of about $ 5 million), a horror film, the characters who are trying to understand the nature of the children’s fears. It is possible that this story will turn out a new franchise (like the same “Astral”), but for now the picture has acted very dignified.

Initial charges “and the lights go out .. . “totaled $ 21.6 million, and worldwide revenue has reached $ 29.9 million, exceeding six times the low budget.

as for another American premiere, probably, charges” Infinity “could be even higher if, in the same weekend in theaters in the United States did not come out yet another big release – cartoon” Ice Age: the clash is inevitable »

This is the fifth part of a series of animated feature films. which describes attempts to inhabitants of the ancient world – the mammoth Manfred, Sid the sloth and Diego the tiger – to survive in the harsh time. Almost 15 years (the first part was published in 2002), they have threatened to global warming, they tried to eat one knows how the dinosaurs survived, and in the fourth series, they somehow coped with the drift of continents. In the fifth part of them threatened by a new danger (as is usually caused by saber-toothed squirrel Scrat) – a huge meteorite is approaching the Earth. In the US cartoon was released almost three weeks after the world premiere (in Russia, he appeared a week ago, and then headed rental, earned 374 million rubles), I received very negative criticism reaction (only 13% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes) and, in general, naturally gathered a little.

Over the past weekend, “a collision is imminent,” grossed $ 21 million and take at the box office only fifth place.

apparently, before fees last two franchise films ($ 887 million from the “Age of dinosaurs” in 2009 and $ 877 million in “Continental drift” in 2012), the new series does not make it under any circumstances, but with the return on investment she still will probably be better than the new “Star Trek”. The fact that the “clash inevitable” cost $ 105 million – not much by today’s standards, and over the past week has managed to earn the rest of the world outside the United States. Now the film fees are $ 156 million, so that he will block your budget. But whether the producers insist on continuing after summing up the outcome of the rental, it is still unknown; On the other hand, comparable animated franchises in stock at 20th Century Fox is not.


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