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The Moscow premiere of the ballet “Anna Karenina” – TV channel Culture

15.07.2016 | 23:50

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 Today, in the capital’s Musical Theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko, the last premiere of the season. Christian Shpuk presented horeodramu “Anna Karenina.” Ballet is not one act and not plotless as it is now fashionable, and with well constructed drama, a detailed analysis of the characters. On the Structure of human emotions Christian Shpuk talks with German thoroughness and highly rational. By the way, at the head of the Zurich Ballet has even experience in psychiatry.

 “Anna Karenina” Christian Shpuka start an independent life. The choreographer himself Moscow premiere afraid – after all a foreigner, and the novel very Russian:

 “I am very excited and happy that we have lived up to the premiere. The play turned out with a Russian accent, as was raised in Russia ».

 Artists of the ballet company he studied Tolstoy’s novel and a half months, passing through a history very controversial character of the XIX century.

 “Wonderful music used in the ballet – Rachmaninov – it only heightens the emotions and every time something hurts inside, so we all want to have to let go of Anna quickly,” – says the soloist of the ballet company Valeria Muhanova

 Xenia Ryzhkov – the youngest, Anna Karenina. The novel read, but with difficulty. Understood: the heroine of this it does not have anything to do:

 “This is absolutely not my character, not my book, not my affair. I did not have any romantic feelings. It was very hard to read, I only have all the time there was some irritation: “What are you stupid, like so!” »

 In the center – a love triangle Vronsky – Karenin – Anna, where passion and tragedy run the show. Force takes not the dance itself, and emotions. One hundred minutes from the love of death or despair.

 Tolstoy did not like ballet, especially men in tights, but because in this production is nothing that might offend the taste of the great classics: the men in three-piece suits, women in ball gowns in the fashion of the XIX century – perfect for movies, painfully for the dance.

 Minimalism scenography compensate for the choreography and costumes – they are two hundred and fifty. They convey the spirit of the age. On the stage – a screen with black and white highlights, accents. Each output of the corps de ballet – mini-performance

 Assistant choreographer Birgit Dehard half months sought the absolute synchronicity dancers:

 “Take, for example jumps. On stage, twenty-four men, plus soloists, all doing different things, but at the same time, and it looks great. »

 Can the desire to give a person happy? Can a moral duty to compensate and love? Christian Shpuk as Tolstoy does not provide definitive answers. Choreographer Anne does not always understand, but sympathizes with her, especially in the final.

 Three premiere performances put the final point of the season. The following “Anna Karenina” Christian Shpuka will take place not only in Moscow but also in two other European cities – Zurich and Oslo, and involving them in a whirlpool of passions Russian

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