Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Beyonce and Adele became leaders in the number of nominations for the MTV-2016 – Russian Newspaper

announced contenders for the prestigious awards MTV Video Music Awards-2016. This year the leader in the number of nominations became Beyonce, her eleven of them. Do not forget about who died in the early years of the legendary David Bowie.

This year, the expressive and violently dancing Beyonce has released a new album, Lemonade. And the beginning of The Formation Tour, which, among other songs, more impressive and design scenes, bright colors, outlandish costumes and numerous dancers. Sometimes the rooms involved 16 people

And the music is impressive. Beyonce with her sonorous vocals (! Range in 4 octave) heartily enjoyed his “lemonade”. He sang and Cedric Lamar, collaborated with the Weeknd and even bluesman and an icon of the modern garage rock Jack White. Because the disk has diverse and spectacular. And indeed deserves more awards. And the new Beyonce video were very cinematic and vibrant. They – not just songs to dance, and, as a rule, also plot the mass of short plans and abundance of spectacular secondary characters who are working on the idea of ​​hits

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So what have Beyoncé the most nominations MTV Music Awards-2016 rightly

The second place and eight nominations -. at the masters of spiritual chants Adele. Largely thanks to the album “25″. Concerts Englishwoman resemble a confession: singer skillfully divided the stage emotional drama and emotions

Only here do not understand why in communicating with the audience Adele often lacking common words (and her songs usually is enough and very beautiful metaphors.! ). And declaring this or that song, she did not notice how often slips into the taboo language. Which, of course, is very contrasting with its usually very ceremonious and emotional hits

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The third was Canadian rapper Drake. And the one award he can get, and the company with Rihanna for the joint number Work (from the singer in total – four nominations at the MTV Music Awards). But the most attractive solo video Drake Jungle – a song from the album October’s Very Own

Yes, and in general it can be judged that the current trend is as follows:. If earlier artists often honored for drums and colorful hits, but now as the best already taken those videos where stars do not only sing, but also to actually play like a movie, dramatic roles. Including with replicas, which were not in the audio version of the songs. And Jungle Drake – another example of

Then there is Ariana Grande, bypassed and Justin Bieber and Chris Brown -. It has five nominations

Four (posthumously) -. David Bowie.

From a rock star in the candidates for the award – British quartet Coldplay. But in general, as usual, in the MTV Music Awards list predominate pop artists or DJs (especially Calvin Harris).


The final takes place on August 28th. On this day, the nominees meet at Madison Square Garden in New York, and leading the ceremony finally announce who won and what the prize.


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