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The legendary band Black Sabbath gave a farewell concert in Russia – Tass

MOSCOW, July 13th. / Corr. Georgi Perov TASS /. The British group Black Sabbath, committed in the moment of farewell world tour, last spoke to the Russians. Her only concert was held on Tuesday in the capital’s sports complex “Olympic”.

Although the bleachers were full, legendary musicians gave it 100%, as if trying to make amends for the two-year-old failure when in the room turn off the sound and the fans do not We heard the two biggest hits. Furthermore, serious undergone processing program show. So, out of it all the songs of the last album in 2013, “13″ have been removed, replaced that came things with the first three drives, see the light at the beginning of his career godfathers of heavy metal.

Speech opened the hallmark of collective -. the composition of Black Sabbath (1970) with the debut album

The band played a concert at a furious pace, almost without pausing between the 14 songs, there was a half hour with a little. Do not summarized and 67-year-old Ozzy Osbourne vocalist, physical condition which has long been a concern, particularly in view of the serious violations of motor coordination.

And 68-year-old Tony Iommi, the permanent leader of rock band, and it was by at height: his guitar passages with a proprietary “raw” sound does not leave anyone indifferent. This is especially noticeable during the improvisations. To match it was Terry and bassist Geezer Butler, preparing to mark 17 July its 67th anniversary.

However, on the background of the composition of the representatives of the golden Black Sabbath not looked very convincing 36-year-old American Tommy Klafetos. ● Create the impression that he just qualitatively fulfills a substantial fee: the special atmosphere, contribute to the creation of which is always made by the entire group, in this case we can not speak

Of course, the program could not get the hits in 1970. as War Pigs, NIB and Iron Man, as an encore sounded the famous song of the same period Paranoid, as a rule, from the first days occupies a central place in the arsenal of any guitarist metalworker. Rockers warmly said goodbye to the audience, and after the final bow slowly withdrew from the scene. Alas, all the expected traditional words about coming back this time, no one heard. This shows in the display does not inspire optimism name of this tour Black Sabbath The End, symbolizing the end of not only the individual staff, but also all the great era when geniuses on both sides of the ocean creating works with a margin stood the test of time.

Black Sabbath band was founded in 1968. In her first was composed of Iommi, Osbourne, Butler and drummer Bill Ward. In this form, the group has finally ceased to exist in 1979, but Iommi continued to maintain their offspring afloat by issuing under the guise of Black Sabbath for a total of 19 studio albums.

Members of the classical composition repeatedly attempted reunification, usually ended in failures. For example, in “magic day”, November 11, 2011, they announced with great fervor on the resumption of the joint creative work. But soon, due to a disagreement left Ward, who quickly found a replacement.

In January 2012, at Iommi’s lymphoma was found that forced him to cancel painted by a long tour ahead. Having passed the course of treatment, he returned to work in the studio, and then again hit the road. “Alas, my performances are hard, strong patrols tire me in my present state,” – admitted in an interview with Tass Tony during his last visit to Moscow in 2014. “But I like to play, I love to go on stage, especially in the company of these guys,” – he emphasized

Ward’s place in the group now holds Klafetos.. The fifth member of the rock band on the tour time was the keyboardist and part-time rhythm guitarist Adam Wakeman – son of the famous musician Rick Wakeman, collaborated with the Black Sabbath back in 1970



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