Friday, July 22, 2016

Gogol Center will present “Dead Souls” at the Avignon Festival – Krasnoyarsk news –

Gogol’s “Dead Souls”, set in Kirill Serebrennikov “Gogol-center”, triumphantly displayed in the main competition program of the 70th Avignon Theatre Festival.

He stressed that for the performances of the Moscow troupe provided beautiful auditorium LA FABRICA, deliberately established for the Avignon festival.

the artistic head of the Moscow theater believes that here there is a considerable honor, which belong to the Russian theater, and any impact of the international political situation or, even more so, sanctions unnoticed . “No we do not feel the sanctions”, – assured Serebrennikov. Recall the spring of 2015, the film entered in the program “Un Certain Regard” at the Cannes Film Festival and won the Francois Chalet. Also, it will be showing a video of the play “Idiot” with which “Gogol-center” has performed at the Avignon Festival in the past year. “In addition, we again play” Dead Souls “- said Serebrennikov, recalling that as a whole is scheduled four performances, and” tickets for all performances are 100% sold out. ‘ ” 4 as a whole is scheduled presentation, and “tickets for all performances sold out at 100%.” Avignon Festival is considered one of the most topical today theatrical parades. The first time he was held by French actor and film director Jean Vilar in 1947, the Festival includes not only performances: lectures, seminars, master classes

«Gogol center” For the second year in a row represents. this unique show of Russian theater. In previous times, we recall, in Avignon brought another performance Serebrennikov “Idiots” (by Lars von Trier).


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