Wednesday, July 27, 2016

To establish whether the 80-meter statue of Christ in the vicinity of St. Petersburg? – The Russian Times

The government of the Leningrad region have suspended negotiations to install 80-meter high statue by sculptor Zurab Tsereteli.

As the governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko negotiations on setting 80-meter statue of Jesus Christ on hold. The initiative group, which was looking for a place for the monument, conducts a dialogue with other regions

-. There were other candidates, negotiations with Lenoblast suspended. As I understand it, the initiative group has been negotiating with various entities of the Federation and bargain for themselves the best conditions. When we have given your consent, this was their signal. Now Tsereteli group said that there were new applicants, stepped back and did not give us an answer. In this situation, and we begin to take a different position. Our proposal remains in force, but on the conditions that were originally – Drozdenko told

«As I understand it, they have been negotiating with various entities of the Federation, vytorgovyvaya currently the best conditions.. When we said yes, we have given a signal to other regions. Now Tsereteli group stepped back and did not give us the answer. In this situation, and we begin to take a different position, “- said the governor

A senior official said that the proposal of the regional authorities remains in force, but on the conditions, which stipulate initially: a monument to be transmitted field completely on. free of charge.

«As far as I understand, at the time the negotiations were prepared to just head and shoulders. Now our colleagues offered to pay for the metal and work on the construction of the monument, “- said Drozdenko

In the world there are many monuments of Christ.. One of the most famous – in Rio de Janeiro Heitor da Silva Costa, opened in 1931. The height of the statue is 38 meters, height 8 meters pedestal. The monument was erected on the Corcovado mountain 700 meters high.

The monument Cristo de la Concordia on the hill San Pedro in Cochabamba, Bolivia. It opened in 1994. The height of the statue is 34 meters, the pedestal – 6 m, the total height of 40 meters. Installed at a height of 256 meters above the city, 2840 meters above sea level.

A good giant monument of Christ is precisely the case when it is set on a hill above the city and is visible from all vantage points.

I doubt that the popular character of Middle Eastern mythology is appropriate in St. Petersburg, the city of St. Peter’s, but if we put, then, of course, on the mountain. The only trouble is that such a mountain in St. Petersburg is not. There Pulkovo Heights (chain of hills, the highest – 75 meters), there Poklonnaya Hill (height 40 meters), where a monument to Stalin was, but both options for such a monument is not suitable. Pulkovo Heights to the same employed Observatory, the area around the Poklonnaya Mountain is densely built up. A monument to a height of 80 meters is needed not only the mountain, but also a space for viewing – a circle with a radius equal to the height of the monument, divided by tg 15 degrees, ie, 296 meters. Somehow, it seems that not only these mountains, but such spaces in St. Petersburg already there.

It is understood that the pedestal 47 meters high, which Tsereteli probably supposed to make at the expense of the city budget (and this in the current situation !) simulates the missing mountain. However, you can pour a mountain, and area 600 meters in diameter around her clear. But I think that the faith of the city authorities is not as strong, so they went to such a feat.

monument idea of ​​deep secondary, which is typical for all the sculptural works, officially the outstanding Tsereteli, because he is not a sculptor and painter . Yes, in Rio de Janeiro Christ blessing the hands form a perfect cross with the body, and at Tsereteli hands raised as the soloist on the stage after a successful accommodation. But this gesture does not correspond to the Orthodox iconography, in the biography of Christ is not a single episode, which would correspond to such a gesture. In addition, it is copied from the monument to Christ the King, opened in 2010 on the outskirts of the town of Swiebodzin in Lubuskie (Poland). The total height of the monument about 52 meters (the height of the statue with a crown of 36 meters and 16 meters of height of stone and earthen hill). Putting in St. Petersburg, a copy of the monument, which appeared six years ago in the Polish province – it’s just insulting. In general, it is time to have everyone know that monumental work Tsereteli devoid of any originality and artistic value

Two of the monument to Christ -. In Malta and around Genoa – located under water. In fact, the idea, in principle, not bad: to drown this monument. However, we have a problem with this, since the Gulf of Finland near St. Petersburg is too shallow for diving most of the year is not suitable, moreover, as a result of permanent namyvaniya muddy water in the Gulf of sand suspension.


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