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Faith Tariverdiyeva: music Michaela Leonovich will suffice for many festivals – BBC News

In the Bolshoi theater opens July 19 Tariverdiev music festival “Remember this moment.” This year marks 85 years since the birth and 20 years – since the death of the famous composer. President of the Foundation of the creative legacy of the maestro told Vera Tariverdiyeva Vestyam.Ru about your favorite music, moments of inspiration and teachers Michaela Leonovich

-. “Seventeen Moments of Spring”, “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath “,” Welcome, or No Trespassing “- Michael Tariverdiev composed music for hundreds of films. What, in your opinion, the specificity of the music for the film

-? Movies – is the creation of the world, similar to the real, manipulation of images of the world. Cinema, by virtue of the way of youth to create art, perhaps naive in comparison with millennial traditions of Georgia proper music. Cinema is not just allows you to release them. It calls back. Cinema is looking for his poetry. Because of their “news” (then it was still news to the world, it is now the cinema has ceased to be so), it returns the music to the lost simplicity. And, paradoxically, the ability to return the music of harmony, demanding from her classical canons, melodies, with which the majority of people on earth identify music, creative thinking – in short, a lot of that music in the academic environment, in its intellectual layer is denied. Cinema requires a different, non-academic music experiment, reception, other search method.

Cinema, based on a moving picture, an image, uses music in its original, intended firstborn. In the movie, the music helps to sculpt the shape. The classical form, is born in the depths of the western musical tradition for centuries, its time and space management techniques give his cinema turned out along the way as possible. Mikael Tariverdiev became a godsend for the cinema. A film, in addition to the huge Muzykantsky experience for him (to work with different musicians, compositions, orchestras), live, professional, not armchair practice, it is also the need to keep themselves within the framework of available tones

. – can you tell us how Mikael Leonovich composed music, how this process

– And he did not compose the music – he caught her? recorded the fact that in itself heard. In the movie, it was important for the momentum of the dialogue with the director, with the material. He could light up the frame, ideas. In large genres – opera, organ music, instrumental concerts, vocal cycles – he, too, needed some momentum. The resulting, for example, from poetry (he knew it well and “collaborated” with only the highest poetry of the past and present), impressions, talk about romanticism with Jurassic and Bashmet. Symphony for Organ “Chernobyl” came after our trip to the Zone, four months after the accident. Viola Concerto was written two days after the conversation took place in the program “Dream Station” in January 1993. It was like a flash. They talked about Romanticism of contemporary music, about culture issues. Bashmet asked: “Why do not you make me live?”. Mikael Leonovich said, “and write in fact, why not?”. It was a Friday night. On Saturday, he was recording music for another movie, all day and half the night, he worked with the sound engineer in the studio. The same schedule was on Sunday. About five in the evening we drove to our close friend Rudolph Movsesian and Mikael Leonovich interrupted work. We had lunch. The fun chatted about something. At the very end, when he was drunk afternoon coffee, Mikael Leonovich suddenly in a strange look, not even us, but somewhere in space, shrugged his shoulders, he got up and left the studio. Behind him silently, like a shadow, sound came out. Half an hour later they were back. And Michael Leonovich asked: “Do you want to listen to alto concert in the romantic style?”. “What concert? When written?” – Rudyk said. “Yes, just that”, – said Michael Leonovich, plunging him into complete confusion

We went into the studio.. He included a multi-channel recorder, which just on sample-based instruments was recorded Concerto for viola and strings in romantic style. In the summer we were in Yalta, in the House of Creativity “Actor”: were there more than a month and was happy. Great weather, sea, surf, a great company, new and interesting people, with whom we became friends and talked already returned to Moscow. There Mikael Leonovich working on the score viola concerto. Sometimes it includes a tape recorder that listens, the original recording. “It was good that I brought it with me – he said -. But it would certainly have gone to the side.” So there was this concert

-. Which of his works Mikael Leonovich especially loved and considered the most a success, there is

-? Michael Leonovich always loved the over which it is currently running. Perhaps, after all, it is most appreciated just Concerto for Viola in the romantic style and Symphony for Organ “Chernobyl”. In a recent interview he was asked: “Why do you, a well-known composer, winner of many international awards, not to leave the country?”. He, with his characteristic humor, said: “I love my sofa.” When I ask this question today, I repeat his answer. But adds: “In order to write a symphony,” Chernobyl “.

– How was born the festival Tariverdiev what activities it includes

-?” Remember this moment ” – it is not a memory festival this music Tariverdiev festival Even the most our first concert we did in the Tchaikovsky concert hall in the distant, 1997, the anniversary of the withdrawal of Mikael Leonovich, we are not called ‘memory concert “concert in memory of… – this is when the people came out, something remember, tell us and we Tariverdiyeva so much music is written! all is not executed even. You can arrange organ festival (we have every two years hosts the International organ competition Michael Tariverdiev), music film festival, Opera, . ballet Festival we are opening concert at the Bolshoi Theatre, which will feature excerpts from operas by Michaela Leonovich, and then will be concerts in Tbilisi, Yerevan, Yekaterinburg since the beginning of this year, concerts are held in different cities of Russia Many -.. one way or another – mark this anniversary

-. Who Mikael Tariverdiev believed their teachers in music

-? Michael Leonovich always recalled with great appreciation his teacher Aram Khachaturian. In his class at the Gnesin Institute he studied for five years. He – his teacher. But as he considered his teachers Prokofiev (Leonovich Michael was one of the few who came to his funeral, which was the same day as the funeral of Stalin), and Shostakovich. And, of course, Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky. You can still continue the list. But these names, perhaps – the main

-. With such enormous dedication, whether Mikael Leonovich himself to watch the movie in time, have a rest at all

-? Anyway case for the New year, we have always looked “Irony of fate.” We had a period when we could not celebrate the New Year together. We rearranged the clock. We put “Irony” at the moment when the sound “Melody” and hit chimes. And we advancing our New Year. A favorite vacation spot has always been where good music.

Festival “Remember this moment” will cover 8 countries and concerts will be held, including in France, the United States and Armenia.

Michael Tariverdiev – Soviet composer, People’s Artist of the RSFSR, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR (1977). He wrote music for 132 films and a series of performances, more than 100 songs and romances, 4 Ballet, Opera 4, chamber vocal cycles, symphony, concerto for organ 3, 2 concerts for Violin and Orchestra and Concerto for Viola and String Orchestra. He went into the Guinness Book of Records as the owner of the largest number of awards for music written for the cinema. Fully musical heritage Tariverdiev not yet recovered from the archives of the composer’s

Tariverdiyeva Faith -. Musicologist, the president of the Foundation Tariverdiev, author of “The Biography of Music” (the life and work Tariverdiev ), art director of the International organ competition Michael Tariverdiev.


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