Friday, July 15, 2016

Hermitage will study the black market of cultural values ​​- TASS

SAINT-PETERSBURG, July 15th. / TASS /. The State Hermitage Museum plans to organize a study of cultural values ​​of the black market in order to understand how to prevent the illegal trafficking of archaeological and artistic monuments. This initiative was announced on Friday the general director Mikhail Piotrovsky at the section meeting “Culture” of the Russian-German forum “Petersburg Dialogue”.

“We will begin to carry out a study on the black art market in Russia, because it is only as a result of such research can be established that where he is going and where it falls, and come up with non-police solutions in this area, to develop some recommendations for collectors, “- said Piotrowski

He was supported by co-host section -. President of the Prussian cultural heritage Foundation, head of the working group “Culture”, “Petersburg dialogue” professor Hermann Parzinger. “We need to get it out in the international framework to understand the inner workings of this market”, – he said

This idea was in the process of discussion of the topic of illegal trade in cultural and historical values ​​in the world, in particular archaeological finds that. kidnapped by militants and extract “black archeologists” in Syria, Iraq and other countries. Her raised in his report, Director of the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, Professor Markus Hilgert. According to him, only 0.1% of that exhibited at various online auction sites in this area, has permits, the rest is the subject of illegal trade.

On the question of the German participants if this problem is actual for Russia , Russian cultural figures have answered in the affirmative. They noted that especially trade old coins. As one of measures against illegal trafficking of cultural property, museum workers previously proposed a ban put in state museums objects from private collections.


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