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In London, the convention ended Star Wars Celebration – BBC

From 15 to 17 July in London was held the next convention of Star Wars Celebration – conference, which brings together fans of far-distant galaxy and events taking place there, and the creators of “Star Wars” are very close look into the eyes of fans of his work. This format invented 17 years ago – before the release of “The Phantom Menace” – the author of the whole franchise George Lucas. The first Star Wars Celebration was held in the United States, it has been very successful and now travels around the world, though not very regular basis; for example, in 2007, a convention was held twice (Celebration IV in Los Angeles and Celebration Europe in London), and in 2009 and 2011, was not carried out at all.

Today’s meeting in London has become the third European bank, and expectations of it was a lot – almost like from last year ago Celebration Anaheim in California

The fact is that for the past four years. fans of the most important kosmoopery world live in anticipation of the new movies. In 2015 they were all waiting for the seventh episode of the soul, and comprehensive privacy which has set on the set of director JJ Abrams, their order unnerving. Fans diligently catching any rumors about the future of the plot, but these rumors have been very, very little. But after the release of “Awakening forces,” it became clear that most of the information received before the release, can be thrown in the trash (in December of 2015). Seventh episode of the whole mystery even benefited – most likely, it was one of the reasons why the picture has collected in hire more than $ 2 billion, although it was not able to get ahead of “Titanic” in the dispute for the second place in the list of highest-grossing films <. / p>

Accordingly, at the Celebration in Anaheim there were no absolutely great revelations of the “Awakening forces» –

but the two-minute trailer and a little movie about the shooting of visitors pleased, and against the background of almost complete silence about everything else, even this little was received very favorably. With the release of “Awakening forces” in the rental hype a little calmed down, but to leave it to Disney plans of companies (currently owns a stellar franchise) and Lucasfilm are not included – they are now working simultaneously on four film series “Star Wars” and extra advertising to anyone not harmed. However, to abandon the secrecy creators of new episodes and spin-offs and do not think, but something they were forced to permission or excuse

«Outcast-one.” – Trailer and Darth Vader

Next movie in the universe of “Star wars” will be the first official spin-offom in this franchise. With plot no problems – we are talking about the abduction of the drawings of the first Death Star, after which a long time ago, in 1977, began the entire history of a distant galaxy as we know it, and the events of the fourth episode of “A New Hope”. At the same time it will be the first in the modern history of “Star Wars” (all the previous evolving universe books, comics and other material announced legends), and his full name – “Outlaw-one. Star Wars:. History »

The first teaser of the film was released in April this year, and on the London Celebration presented full trailer

However, in sharing this trailer is not yet posted – perhaps the creators are waiting for a worthy cause, but made available nearly three-minute video from the shooting, which is also a lot of interesting moments. Removes “Outlaw-one” Gareth Edwards ( “Godzilla”), the main role – had joined the rebels criminals – sang Felicity Jones, and in other roles – Diego Luna, Forest Whitaker, Donnie Yen, Mads Mikkelsen. And Darth Vader really appear in the “outcast-one”, because what may be the kidnapping of drawings Death Star without this character? As the whole team has coped with its task – we’ll see in December

New old Han Solo

Another revelation of the last Star Wars Celebration was to be confirmed by the choice of actor for the role of the young Khan. Solo. The problem is that all concerned already knew this information, that it will play Alden Ehrenreich ( “Hail, Caesar!”), Who first came to the declared sample and then half waited patiently for producers not otsmotren three thousand applicants and find out that he is the best choice

that is, the surprise did not work -. the more so because, according to rumors, Eyrenrayk will appear in the “outcast-one”, and it is for this It was started large summer dosemki almost finished the film

As for the film, for which the actor and called on the casting, we are talking about yet another spin-off -. is not called the story of youth, the most famous galactic smuggler and friend of the Wookiee Chewbacca. Will the picture two years later, in 2018, and is in addition to the main character it has and directors – Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, known to work together on “Lego: The Movie” and the two parts of the comedy “macho and nerdy”

in Celebration Eyrenrayk awarded this applause of spectators, well after his smile became clear that he is able to replace Harrison Ford in his most famous role.

episode eight and episode nine

Of these films, which should continue the main story of “Star wars” (the fate of the Skywalker family and its influence on a galaxy), also spoke at the Celebration, but very little. This is not surprising – the eighth episode, which takes Ryan Johnson, will be ready only by December 2017, so that the time for reflection and new information is. It is, of course, will be all surviving heroes “Awakening forces” – thrown on Jacchia orphan Ray (Daisy Ridley), a former stormtrooper Finn (John Boyega), the pilot of the rebels By Demeron (Oscar Isaac), and a new Sith Kailo Ren (Adam Driver). Will there general Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher), and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), and other well-known characters of a distant galaxy. Disclose the plot, of course, did not become one, although one of the panels mentioned that the effect of the eighth episode will start immediately after the final “Awakening forces” – is also the first time in the history of the saga; used between episodes of “Star Wars” took years

Well, Finn unlikely prolezhit entire film in a coma -. it is still one of the main characters <. / p>

The ninth episode, scheduled to be released in 2019, is now at an early stage of development, and to say anything about it at the Celebration did not. However, for almost a year as it is known that the director of this episode will be Colin Trevorrow, which put in 2015 “Jurassic World».


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