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The festival “Territory” ended the two premiers – Russian newspaper

The festival “Territory” This year was marked by a series of exhibitions, workshops and meetings, becoming the highlight of the autumn in Moscow. Finished, he double cascade Prime – performances by German director and composer Heiner Goebbels “Max Black, or 62 ways to support the head in his hands,” put in the Moscow “Electro” and “Three Sisters” Timothy Kulyabina brought from Novosibirsk “Red Torch”.

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Timothy Kulyabin I came up with a story that seems at first attraction. Two years his theater actors investigated the situation and the life of the deaf and hard of hearing people have been taught sign language – all in order to play it by Chekhov, tells the story of how people can not hear each other. By forcing the actors to speak in another language, radically different when no is not just familiar words, but familiar sounds, the sounds of any human speech, he was able to break out of the formal concept, the attraction to a particular view of the nature of Chekhov’s play.

First of all, you are confronted with a situation in the play physically unbearable silence, which takes place between the endless silent scream, the marked-intensive gestures and constant visual contact.

The public reads titles like watching foreign performance. And on the stage at this time reigns true “Odessa” – if the actors were talking “out loud,” they would have cried endlessly. It seems Efros in his first “Three Sisters” was just such a neurotic, communal life in which there was nothing of a noble house Prozorov, which we often dreamed of.

The first two acts (the text of the play completely goes captions and “dumb” dialogue of gestures) seem so infinitely than traditional analysis looks. Everything flows as it should be: tea, cake and vodka, and only occasionally painted scenic cloth sharp color paradox. Here Ferapont came from council to Andrew, but he does not understand this strange blind man who lives in this strange, though plague-stricken house. And the one and I’m glad. When it comes to simple things you can agree on the fingers. And as for the loss of meaning can not be explained.

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By the third act all have moved in, there were not only Sofochka with Bobby, but even Anfisa soon be a baby, so that Natasha enmity – this is only the struggle for living space. And where else to live it in a dull city, where no one understands? The fire changes everything, light bulbs less often erupt over the bed, which was just a lot – as in the hospital or in the camp. “Give all the” – “screaming” Olga, and that means that really “nothing no longer need them, do not pity.” Sounds fire bells they certainly did not hear, but hear us, making all feel uncomfortable in the “normal”. In the darkened space of the stage ringing and ringing cans, buckets, all the sounds are sharper, and none of the “deaf” is no longer restrains himself, howling their silent gulp becomes unbearable, and want to be deaf, so as they do not hear their own animal sobs.

Here in this place and start something really interesting. Learning in “deaf” itself, we can not identify with them. The more animals are sounds that break through dumbness Prozorovskiy home, the harder it is to feel akin to its residents. But the persistently leans longing.

When in the fourth act, which by its former crowding things no trace of where the furniture moved in depth and covered like the dead cellophane, comes the turn hysterical, intolerable farewells, and the news of the death of Tuzenbach It becomes the latest shock that finally breaks deafness. Actually, this is the center of all history – “the music sounds” … The news of this, awareness of the world shakes sounding sisters. One after another, they begin to hear loud regimental band. And in this opening as much horror that his happiness will not name. Sisters “fall”, pouring into a world where everything is so deafening, so aggressive, so irreparably loud, the world begins to fill them with their sounds.

Suddenly you catch yourself that wants to silence. I want to get back to where a small communal apartment living deafeningly loud the last deaf world with his music, explosions, wars and speeches.

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