Thursday, July 7, 2016

07.06.2016 20:04 aerobatic team “Russian Falcons” will perform at a rock festival “Invasion” – Pskov News Feed

 Aerobatic team “Russian Falcons” on the Su-30cm and Su-35s relocated from Lipetsk to Kubinka to perform demonstration flights at a rock festival “Invasion”, which will be held 8-10 July in Zavidovo. It is reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense.


 This year, the festival audience will be able to see for the first time on a new aerobatics aircraft Su-30cm and Su-35s.

 In his program, “Falcons of Russia” will show maneuverable air combat with the use of offensive and defensive techniques.

 The head of “Russian Falcons” Distinguished Military Pilot of the Russian Federation, Colonel Alexander Gostev. This is the only aerobatic team that shows the aircraft in combat tactical air combat techniques. In the wild air battle takes place at high altitudes and distances, and while displaying fliers show for spectators defensive and offensive combat techniques in a limited space and low altitude, which provides entertainment, allowing viewers to see what is happening in the air, to evaluate the maneuvering capabilities of domestic fighters and skills pilots.

 The complexity and risk of the program is to combat piloting fighters at low altitude (up to 200m) and confined space (just above the display place) at high speed – 500-800 km / hr

 At the demonstration of single flying the Su-30cm, which sverhmanevra mode will perform the leading group, Honored Military Pilot of Russia, Colonel Alexander Gostev, viewers will see how traditional aerobatics – the bell, the passage at low speed, ear, knife, tubs, and those which is capable of performing only the Su-30cm – hinge with the rotation, rotation rate at supercritical angles of attack (maple leaf), remove the loop pole. Their development and use is expanding the combat capabilities of multi-role fighter, enable the pilot to effectively use weapons in the conquest of the air

 In addition to aerial combat, and single pilotage, “Falcons of Russia” show group aerobatics in Flight right “diamond”, which consists of 4 fighters, showing complex shapes: loop the loop, barrel, bell, shell, bend, dissolution and others at minimum intervals and distances.

 Demonstration flights at a rock festival have become a tradition. Since 2013, in the Big Zavidovo sky for the participants and guests of the festival a colorful spectacle of air shows aerobatic team “Russian Falcons.

 These demonstration flights Lipetsk pilots called air rock and dedicated to all fans of rock music. More than 10 years of constant commentator demonstration flights of pilots from Lipetsk is Colonel Igor Basov.


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