Monday, July 11, 2016

As part of the ‘Invasion “rock festival married 576 couples – REN TV


The rock festival “Invasion” in the Tver region lasted for three days and pass without any incidents. This year, from all over Russia to favorite artists came to see a record 205,000 spectators. But besides music, they’ve still got a lot of bonuses, including the ability to get married right on the festival field and learn to survive in the wild.

The festival “Invasion” could overtake only himself. In decibels stronger and more powerful -. And on the stage, and in the field

Vyacheslav Butusov arrived at the “Invasion” after a 6-year hiatus

“There already has its own atmosphere. … We can only accept it “, – the musician says

The atmosphere of the invasion was always home.. As the house unguarded Sergei Galanin goes to the people, photographed, and everyone leaves autograph.

And in a real space, because in this year’s festival went into orbit and sang a duet with the ISS station and then conveyed greetings to Russian players are painfully familiar song “Argentina-Jamaica – 5: 0.” group “CHajf”

“I am grateful to the Russian team, which on the eve of the execution of this song people finally understand what a song and what kind of pain is it “, – says Vladimir Shahrin

and in the rocker turned wedding.. Here, in the “Invasion” was first opened to the marriage registry office for three days, during which time 576 registered rocker pairs.

But not everything that was going on “Invasion” will be only here. For example, numerous requests recovery Konstantin Kinchev, who recently suffered a heart attack and for the first time did not take part in the festival.

“We have a common song of Konstantin Kinchevym, but for obvious reasons, is not here. But we are so handed him hello, “- says Andrey Pozdnuhov

So in the new songs come to life legends and fathers of rock.. This year, the Leningrad Rock Club celebrated 35 years.

So, Yuri Shevchuk told how it changed over time rockers.

The last chord and the audience requested an encore. From that day I have already started preparing for “Invasion 2017″. The organizers have chosen headliners. Now we have 364 days to wait for the surprise

For those who could not personally visit the “Invasion 2016″, REN TV has prepared a gift -. “A week of Russian rock on REN TV.” Every evening, from Wednesday, the air will be detailed video report about the performances grandees – it “Spleen”, “DDT”, “Leningrad”, “CHajf”. And on Sunday at 23:30 – a big concert, which will include the best performances just 20 bands on the main stage of the festival



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