Thursday, July 7, 2016

“Genius”: strong biopic about Thomas Wolfe and Max Perkins – Russian Newspaper

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Colin Firth, Jude Law and Nicole Kidman, led by prominent British theater director Michael Grandadzhem, the story of a difficult friendship writer Thomas Wolfe and Max Perkins Editor, charming scenery new York twenties and thirties of the last century – a new British-American film “Genius” definitely has something to offer to the discerning viewer

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“Theatricality” biopic has been repeatedly noted, and foreign and domestic critics. Grim depressive background of New York with the hungry queues and chadyaschimi industrial tubes gently accompanies the narration. And discreet powdered dust-era charm, which is impregnated with a picture makes watching very pleasant

The story is told very simply:. Noisy and unstable writer (Lowe), who found a patron in the face of the wise, though not without quirks (eg, hat it does not remove even at the table) editor (Firth), does not stand the test of copper pipes than bring to the white-hot, not only prone to tantrums his girlfriend-manipulative (Kidman), but restrained Perkins. And in the end – expected belated remorse and gratitude as a postscript to the inevitable tragic ending

The representation that gives the actor trio, of course, can not fail to impress.. Even where the British raised the necessity to play who lived in the last century, Americans, significantly outperform, it looks surprisingly nice and appropriate for the chosen director style.

In general, quite favorable for laughter biopic contains a lot of really funny moments – what are brilliantly displayed torment editor while working with excessively prolific author. Similar scenes all suggest that the film’s title refers not to the writer. These conclusions and encourages comparison serious, though banal internal conflict Perkins with hysterical and hectic life melodrama Wolfe expiring naturally quite absurd death. Unless, of course, does not focus on the trite formula of nuttiness as a sign of the notorious genius

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INTERESTING episodes in the film enough. Among them – the witty sketches working with an outstanding editor of Hemingway and Fitzgerald. And although they are more like caricatures and images of Perkins and Wolfe are far from being able to qualify for any precision portraits – Grandadzh in his debut film deliberately simplifies everything and more ignored, emphasizing emphasized exaggerated – “Genius” was created unconditional masters. And the result of their work, of course, turned out decent.

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