Tuesday, July 5, 2016

In Sochi will start World Choir Games – RIA Novosti

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MOSCOW, July 6 – RIA Novosti The large-scale competition choirs -. IX world choir games, uniting more than 12 thousand participants from around the world – to begin in Sochi on Wednesday and will end on July 16.

World choir games are held every two years. They first took place in 2000 in the Australian Linz. The competition involves a lot of different directions, styles and age, in which participants compete. The competition will be opened 2.5 thousand people performance this year at the Ice Palace “Big”. More than two and a half months of musical performers and artists of other artistic movements were preparing for the event.

Total 283 choir from 36 countries will participate in the World Choir Games. Of these, Russia will be represented by 119 teams. Evaluate the quality of their performance, artistry and ability to develop the tradition of national culture will be 60 experts, eight of which are Russian.

In the ten days of Sochi plunge into the atmosphere of celebration and music. The city will work 10 open areas. Each choir will travel by bus or on foot from one site to another, the competitive program will go from morning until late evening. At some concerts will sell tickets, but on some input will be free.

Opening and Closing Ceremonies, renowned guests who will be the Kuban Cossack Choir and Choir Pyatnitsky, will be held at the Ice Palace “Big”. At the opening ceremony of the Games will be held bell, five strokes bells that will sound, will symbolize the five continents of the Earth. In addition, the organizers have prepared a special program called “Choral Fireworks”, which will consist of choral songs of different countries and bring together members of all groups. Also in the game will take place on the World Choir Council, whose members will discuss the problems of the development of choral art.

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