Tuesday, July 5, 2016

In Voronezh, a bell was cast for the World Choir Games in Sochi – BBC News

Voronezh wizard cast a bell for the World Choir Games. They will start in Sochi on 6 July. There have already gathered more than 20 thousand singers from 32 countries to compete in vocal prowess. A 400-pound bell will be one of the main symbols of the festival

The laborious and delicate work -. On a plaster model of the master wax gently attaches letters. Put them on the same wax, fixed soldering. Job Responsibility – the last stage, when there may be something to fix

-. All that is in the model, the entire wax pattern. The same happens in the metal. And to do all this carefully, very clean, that was all. To well in the metal it all looked

Decoration or as they are called professionals naryadka this bell -. Non-standard. There are no icons or Church Slavonic language. Instead, Latin and Russian letters, and in the center – the emblem of the World Choir Games. According to the artist before you decide it was necessary to consider more than one version of the

Victor Martianov, chief artist of bell-factory, said:. “Initially, they planned emblem Sochi, coat of arms, coat of arms Russia get 4 coat of arms in the final.. finally, we have transgressed in this, so we’ve got four arches, which must be emblems But then they sent -. leave only the emblem of the festival “

As soon as the work is done, the bell blank roll out to a nearby shop.. There she was covered with an iron dome. It is there that later flooded bell metal, but it is necessary to prepare the first metal

Heat in the oven -. 1200 degrees. It has about five hours to melt copper. Adhering to the technology specialist “teases metal” – it prevents birch logs. They say, do it not only by tradition, but in order to achieve the desired composition

Valery Medvedev, founder bell-factory, said: “Metal irritation – to release the metal from excess gas, which in the process of melting penetrate the metal They.. harm the alloy. The best birch pegs. They have to be eaten raw, of course. The oven is warming up again, loaded copper is melted, oxidized with added tin “.

tin added over 10 minutes to fill. It melts quickly, so it is important not to miss the moment. Pour hot metal slowly.

The most important stage is over. After that, we can only wait. 400-pound bell Voronezh masters is to become one of the main symbols of the festival. It was his ringing of the opening ceremony, participants will hear from around the world.


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