Saturday, July 9, 2016

Moscow canceled the second in the last two weeks of the festival – Ekho Moskvy radio station

RAW-Fest was to be held these days in the capital.

Notice of the cancellation of the festival in the group on the network “Vkontakte” concise – the event is not the plant “Mars”, it is near the Kursk railway station, walking is not necessary, a refund for the tickets will be informed later. The reasons why the concerts punk bands and bands playing heavy music, will not take place, is not yet known. Authorities and organizers remain silent. But the day before in the same group reported that the organizers had a long conversation with law enforcement officials. Those voiced many reasons why the festival will not take place. Security forces were reported in the group promises to problems anywhere, wherever suffered concerts. In turn, a specialized musical portal «Sad wave» wrote another couple of weeks before the incident, the organizers complain of threats because of the participation of the two Ukrainian groups. At the same time promised threatened to resort to religious fanatics and police. Claim Ukrainian musicians consisted in the fact that they are alleged to have participated in actions which raised funds for the Ukrainian soldiers who fought in the Donbass.

Last week, a similar situation occurred with the Moscow festival of electronic music Outline. The Moscow prosecutor’s office then claimed that the organizers of the event did not agree and did not comply with fire safety requirements.

By the cancellation of the festival of electronic music and Outline RAW Fest hardcore festival have nothing in common, says music critic, former chief editor of the united editorial office of “Rambler – Bill” Yuri Saprykin. According to him, the abolition of RAW Fest, likely politically motivated.

According to the information provided on the official website of the event, the festival of heavy music Raw Fest planned to come three thousand people.


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