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St. Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square marks the 455 th anniversary – RIA Novosti


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MOSCOW, July 12 – RIA Novosti a number of events in honor of the 455 anniversary of the famous Pokrovsky Cathedral, also known as St. Basil’s Cathedral, will be held today in Moscow, the official website of the State historical museum (SHM) <.. / p>

Events at the Cathedral will begin with a festive worship. Then, from 13 to 19 hours will be held free sightseeing tours.

In addition, throughout the day on the territory of the cathedral will host various workshops. Later in the afternoon, visitors can see the performance of the Presidential Orchestra of the Russian Federation

How do St. Basil’s Cathedral, see the infographic RIA Novosti & gt;. & Gt;

The history of the cathedral

The first reliable mention of the construction of the temple of the Intercession of Our Lady refers to the fall of 1554. It is believed that it was a wooden cathedral. He stood a little over half a year

The Intercession Cathedral erected Russian architects Barma and Faster (there is a version that the Faster and Barma – the names of one person).. Construction of the temple was carried out a total of six years, and only in the warmer months. July 12 (June 29, old style), 1561 St. Basil’s Cathedral was consecrated, which marked the completion of its construction. This date could be determined only in the course of restoration work in 1957-1961 years when the restorers found preserved under the plaster later text hramozdannoy “chronicle”, performed at the base of the main tent. The inscription reads: “… the day of the Apostles Peter and Paul was consecrated by St. Basil’s Cathedral …”

At the end of the XVI century there were curly head of the cathedral – instead of the original burned down cover. In 1672, the south-eastern side of the cathedral built a eleventh church:. A small shrine over the tomb of St. John’s Cathedral – worshiped Moscow God’s fool, who was buried in the cathedral

During the grandiose fire in 1737. St. Basil’s Cathedral was badly damaged, especially its southern church.
In 1812 he was ordered to blow up the French gunners Cathedral. However, he was only sacked by Napoleon’s troops, but immediately after the war, renovated and consecrated. At the end of the XIX century for the first time faced the task of returning the cathedral original appearance. However, lack of funds, the October Revolution and the subsequent destruction of her period in the history of Russia are not allowed to carry out a program conceived.

In 1918, the Cathedral of the Intercession of the first one was taken under the state protection as a monument of national and world importance. On 21 May 1923 it opened to the public as a historical and architectural museum. In this case until 1929 in the church of St. Basil’s services were held. In 1928, St. Basil’s Cathedral became a branch of the State History Museum, and is it even today.

With the twenties of the last century four global restoration were held that included architectural and artistic works.

An important milestone in history museum was the 1990 St. Basil’s Cathedral was included in the list of UNESCO World heritage sites in Russia. After a long break in the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin renewed worship. The following year, the cathedral was approved by the joint use of the State Historical Museum and the Russian Orthodox Church.


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