Monday, July 11, 2016

St. Petersburg authorities have not taken any decisions on the installation of a statue of Jesus – TASS

SAINT-PETERSBURG, July 11th. / TASS /. St. Petersburg authorities have officially declared that no action was taken regarding the installation in the city of Jesus Christ sculpture by Zurab Tsereteli

“No decisions on installing the sculpture St. Petersburg Governor or Government of St. Petersburg has been taken”. – It said in a statement released by the press service of the administration of the governor.

“July 8, 2016 news agencies, citing the press-secretary of the Committee on Urban Planning and architecture was spread the message that” the governor of St. Petersburg was instructed by finding a place for the 80-meter statue of Jesus Christ by the sculptor Zurab Tsereteli “this information does not correspond to reality.” – said the press service of the Smolny

in this case, the administration confirmed that the treatment of the installation proposal. “Tsereteli said the product” in the city “is really received by the government of St. Petersburg” and is now “being prepared reasoned response”.

Sculpture above the apartment house

in the Smolny noted that the vice-governor Igor Albin instructed the Committee on Urban Planning and architecture (CCA) to consider possible sites for the placement of the sculpture “in view of its actual altitude parameters and the need for strict compliance with the requirements of the current legislation”.

“according to preliminary data, so far in the areas immediately adjacent to the guard zones of Saint-Petersburg, suitable sites have been identified. Sites that meet the requirements and could theoretically be used for the installation of the monument Zurab Tsereteli works, located close to the administrative boundary of St. Petersburg “, – the press-service of the governor

As previously explained TASS. press service of the CCA, “we are talking about the sculpture” Jesus Christ with high-rise options 73 meters to a put a sculpture, you need to find a place “

.” – this is a complicated matter, because the new land use is now accepted and building, which impose restrictions on height 73 meters -. it is a decent height – not all homeowners a permit is now needed to finalize these issues and agree with Smolny “-. told Tass, the press service of the CCA

Statue. can “go” abroad

The sculpture, which does not meet the parameters of high-rise Petersburg may stay in the territory of the neighboring region. Press-service of the Leningrad region on July 8 the government has extended the information that there are at least two areas near St. Petersburg, where regional authorities are ready to place the statue.

“The proposal to place the authorship of the statue by Zurab Tsereteli, was considered a regional working . group initiators directed a choice of two placements, taking into account the monumental buildings: the territory of the Nevsky Forest Park in Vsevolozhsk area or on Koltushskoe hill “- quoted by the press office of the governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko

Representatives of the Russian Orthodox church considered the question. about the possible installation of a giant statue of Christ the work Tsereteli matter of secular authorities and do not plan to intervene in the discussion. At the same time, they note that “the installation of giant statues are not in the traditions of Eastern Christianity”. This was reported by the head of the communications sector of the St. Petersburg Metropolia Natalia Rodomanova.


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