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“Tarzan. Legend “was not able to get ahead,” Finding Dory “in the US box office – BBC

A weekend in the United States associated with the Independence Day is traditionally becomes long for the cinema – the traditional day is added and the holiday Monday, which also allows the film to earn something. But even on the first three days it becomes clear that none of the new products could not cope with the Pixar animated film “Finding Dory”, which again, the third week in a row, led the US release.

Over the weekend, from July 1 to 3,” Finding Dory “earned in US cinemas and Canada another $ 41.9 million and brought the total revenues to $ 538.2 million.

in principle, , the film has already recouped the 200 millionth costs of their production, thus supporting the glory of studio Pixar as a break-even production. It was very important after several unsuccessful “Good Dinosaur” (charges just $ 332 million for the same $ 200 million cost), which is made and remade a few years, but it seems to really mind and not brought. However, the “Dinosaur” was the original story, while “Dori” – continued to collect almost a billion “Finding” Nemo. ” The main character here has become a kind of blue fish blue surgeon, who suffers from memory lapses and is trying to find her family and recover from illness. In Russia, “Finding Dory” also kicked off with the first place, but then gave way to a new “Independence Day”, and by the end of this weekend, good if you get into the top 5; its overall Russian charges may slightly exceed 500 million rubles. -. Not the best indicators for Pixar production

At this weekend to cope with Dori tried once three new items, but on the second “Independence Day” last week, they did not work. We can not say that they did not try – for example, on Friday, just two ahead of the release of Pixar cartoon, but they were not designed for an audience of children and lost on Saturday and Sunday

«Tarzan.. Legend “David Yates, perhaps, closest to the cinema for children, but he told the story already adult Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgard), who was already married to Jane (Margot Robbie), lives in England and is the title of Lord, and in the Congo returned to help cope with the beasts of the greedy officials of the mining company. In general, is not very clear to whom this film is – nevertheless he collected US $ 38.1 million (which was enough for second place at the box office) and another $ 18 million – in the rest of the world (in Russia, “Tarzan” It is likely to become the leader with about 200 million rubles.). But this revenue enough to pay back the 180 millionth picture, so that the Warner Bros, probably can already count the losses.

The third place went to the more fortunate financially tape.

The third part of the sci-fi thriller “Judgment night” in the production cost of only $ 10 million, and earned the start at US $ 30.8 million.

in this franchise it is a tradition that allows for one night to abolish all laws in a year, usually to law-abiding citizens could lose their accumulated anger, and some – even survive. Removes its director James DeMonaco (the first film was released in 2013, and the second – in 2014), with the second part of it came through the hero (played by Frank Grillo), well, and the third part is already too urgent – the hero must defend from rampant crime in the presidential candidate who promised to do away with the ship at night. Now all three films brought its producers $ 232 million, while that spent on them was little more than 20 million, so it is unlikely that the president will fulfill his threat and deprive viewers so profitable for entertainment filmmakers.

Another loser of the weekend was the children’s tale of Steven Spielberg’s “Big Friendly giant”, took fourth place with $ 19.5 million

«giant» -. it film adaptation of the novel by Roald Dahl, which was released in 1982 and which is trying to move on the screen since the early 90s. But all previous attempts were unsuccessful, and in 2011 it took over “Disney”, which was able to spend on the history of the friendship of a little girl and a huge $ 140 million man, and somehow agree with Spielberg. The idea is that “Giant” was replaced in theaters ‘Finding Dory’, but this has not happened – perhaps because of the name. In the original film (and book) is called «BFG», that most of the current generation of parents is associated with weapons of shooters Doom series than with children’s fairy tale.

Closes the fuel 5 US box office movie of Roland Emmerich’s “independence Day Rises.” with $ 16.5 million

This picture, too, can rightfully be called a failure. The first film, which was released in early July 1996, gathered in movie theaters $ 817.4 million (with a budget of 75 million), and this success led the studio to think about the sequel. But then the current practice of issuing sequels have not become something essential in the film industry, and decided to postpone the idea for the future. It took 20 years to Emmerich returned to this project, but the second “Independence Day” Will Smith lost, though acquiring Liam Hemsworth. He returned to his role and aged Jeff Goldblyumm, but it did not help. Now “Revival” total revenue of $ 249.7 million, which at 165 million budget does not look good. On the other hand, the film is likely to pay off – even at the expense of the world rolled, making it a better position than, for example, the “Big Friendly Giant” or the new “Tarzan»



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