Thursday, July 7, 2016

The actress from the clip “Louboutin” Julia Topolnitsky married – TVNZ

Although a few days ago the actress from the famous clip about the Louboutin «Exhibit” Julia Topolnitsky herself admitted that now the bride and soon plans to go down the aisle, no one thought, it would happen so soon. Here yesterday the actress a great company rested on the sea, but now her friends have already published a photo beauty in a luxurious wedding dress. The bride chose a pearl white dress with lace bodice and gorgeous veil.

Chosen St. Petersburg actress became a resident Comedy Club Igor Chekhov. The wedding was also held in the northern capital, where actually lives and couple . And judging by the photos, a prominent gay. They celebrated a happy event in the heart of St St. Petersburg , in the banquet hall of the hotel design W ST Petersburg. There is an outdoor 30-meter terrace with great views of the city, where guests could go freshen up after the incendiary dance. In addition to dance, there were rousing toasts and congratulations for the happiness of the young. Not forgotten about the bride and the bridal bouquet toss tradition of his unmarried girlfriend. Speaking of them. The main girlfriend bride became an actress Svetlana Hodchenkova , with which Topolnitsky became friends during the recent filming of the series. True, alas! -buket not caught it

today thechehovs Star # # cheholnitskie Photo:. vikiseleva

a couple more photos from today’s coolest wedding @juliatopolnitskaya and mocked @igorchehov month forward # # cheholnitskie thechehovs Photo: vikiseleva

By the way, the star of “Bless a woman “because of the heavy workload at work could not get into the hen girlfriend, it was held on Crete . Another party – a future bride arranged before traveling to Greece . Almost a month of fun – that it is necessary for the happiness of the future bride, and now his wife

# cheholnitskie # thechehovs . Photo: vikiseleva

Cheers my dear !!!!! Eeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!! # cheholnitskie Photo: katyalisik

Let’s remind, 25-year-old Julia Topolnitsky – actress of the St. Petersburg theater “Actors” clown woke up famous after the January 2016 starred in the movie “The exhibit” scandalous group « Leningrad ». She began to learn on the street, soon she was offered several advertising contracts, it is now considering an offer to participate in film projects. However Khodchenkova she has starred in the series “Bitch».

married @igorchehov and beauty @juliatopolnitskaya # thechehovs Photos: vikiseleva

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Traditionally, the bride throws the bouquet svetlana_khodchenkova


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