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Two Russian films received prizes of the 51st Karlovy Vary International Film Festival – ProfiSinema. Site about the movie from the

 Yesterday, July 9, 2016 summed up the results of its work 51-th International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary / 51st Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, which took place on July 1. Two Russian films became winners of the show. One of the prizes awarded painting by Ivan I. Tverdovskogo “Zoology”, presented in the main contest. Also it has been awarded drama Alexei Krasovsky “Collector”, included in the section “East of the West”. Previously, both the tape participated in the competition program of the 27th “Kinotavr” festival, which is also not left without prizes.

The main prize of the festival “Crystal Globe” went to the film “Marital happiness» / «It’s Not the Time of My Life », filmed by the Hungarian director Szabolcs Hyde. Also, the film got the award for Best Actor. Best director jury recognized Slovenian Damian Kozol for his work “Nightlife» / «Nightlife».

Actress Zuzana Morera won the prize for Best Actress for her work in the film “Teacher” Jan Grzhebeyka. «The Wolf from Royal Vineyard Street» Special mentions were awarded ribbons and «By the Rails».


 frame of film Zoology


 Film Ivan I. Tverdovskogo “Zoology” was awarded a special prize of the jury. Painting joint production in Russia, Germany and France tells the extraordinary story of a middle-aged worker zoo Natasha, in which the life of unexplained changes are taking place: all of a sudden she had a tail grows.

The Russian premiere of the fantastic drama took place in the framework of the competition program of the festival “Kinotavr”, where the film won the award of the Guild of Film Critics, as well as the award for Best Actress for Natalia Pavlenkova. The film was made with support from the Ministry of Culture and the European Cinema Support Fund Eurimages. Company Arthouse release “Zoology” in cinemas in Russia in November 2016

For the director Ivan Tverdovskogo “Zoology” is the second full-length film after a successful debut -. Drama “correct class”, which received more than 10 Russian and international prizes, including the grand prize of the program “east of the West” at the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary.


 frame of film Zoology


 The best film of the section “East of the West” of the 51st Karlovy Vary International Film Festival was the debut of the Georgian filmmaker Rusudan Glurzhidze “other House» / ​​«House of Others». The Special Jury Prize went to the Estonian film «The Days That Confused» Triin Ruumet.

The best documentary film competition was American essays about love «LoveTrue» directed by Alma Harrell. Special mention was awarded the picture «Ama-San» Portuguese director Claudia Varezhao. American film “Captain Fantastic» / «Captain Fantastic» received the Audience Award.


 frame from the film  collector


 Prize Fedeora Federation of Film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean has got the film Alexei Krasovsky “collector” who participated in the program “East of the West”.

The main character Arthur – a master of his craft. By working only with large debtors, he finds all their ins and outs and effectively uses against them. He never resorted to the commonplace methods, his horse – a psychological attack. Arthur is able to skillfully transform, confusing, display of balance, and so dopekat their customers that they are willing to return all, but would never again hear his voice. But once Arthur himself becomes a target: the scandalous video appears on the web with his participation, and he immediately turned away to friends and colleagues. At stake is not only his reputation, but also the life … Now the reservoir have only one night to find someone who cornered him.

Earlier, the picture participated in the competition program of the 27th Kinotavr Film Festival and won two awards: for best Cinematography (Denis Firsov) and best Actor (Konstantin Khabensky). At 100 m Film Market, held in parallel with the Kinotavr, it was announced that the Russian company will release a picture of the rental WDSSPR.


 frame from the  film collector


 Special President of the festival prize for outstanding contribution to world cinema was an American screenwriter and film director Charlie Kaufman. A few days earlier a similar prize was also awarded to French actor Jean Reno. Prize for outstanding contribution to world cinema on the first day of the festival was awarded the American actor Willem Dafoe.

The next 52 th International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary will be held from 30 June to 8 July 2017.


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