Thursday, October 15, 2015

On the screen was a new horror Guillermo del Toro – Russian newspaper

New from Guillermo del Toro’s “Crimson Peak” – a perfect example of how to make big money big money. It is hard to imagine how many millions spent on the construction of the Gothic castle, stuffed with ghost, multi-story lobby, agonizing flies and vats bloody porridge – but it is easy to imagine how many fans heartbreaking want to look at it.

“Crimson Peak” – and a perfect example of how mistrust of the chosen genre song spoils. All those involved in the film persistently repudiate the desire to make the classic horror film, and insist on the psychological melodrama in the cover of the horror stories. Although melodrama zamesheny almost all the horror stories: pure heroine knows the dark side of the world, and won in an unequal struggle, it is disappointing. Unlike movies del Toro – in hypertrophic serious approach, so it less simple-minded colleagues put Shakespeare. This is very different from the pictures of him and Tarantino, juggling human limbs with joy and courage.

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The story del Toro invented himself: pure heroin persecuted ghost native mother, who tells her to beware of the Crimson peak. Mom wants good, but the question is: why did her mother, to frighten her daughter long, like an octopus, tentacles and why this dance door handles, walking by themselves? And here’s the answer: because the spectators are watching, and they came to horror, where the tentacles of the same genre the necessary accessories, like thunder strikes “Dolby-syrraund.” And no romantic “women in white” – do not scare them today and rabbit.

Then he will be a pope is alive, businessman-proletarian, who does not like intellectuals CIT – they have something unexplainable suspicious. Dad – a stern dork, but worried looks in the mirror: it’s time to wear a corset. Then we were told that he was most afraid of growing old, but a full psychological portrait of such incompatible features emerge not have time: at the time of shaving Pope will make his head on the sink, with relish, so that the skull pieces, and the hall will be heard first women’s screams.

After burying his father, a daughter will marry suspicious intellectual-CIT, he would take her to England in a Gothic castle, built for ghosts. And there will spread, I mingled with the dying butterflies, skeletons from the cupboards of old sins. Then went to the spoiler, and it should not be – knowing who kill someone, the audience will lose the last reason to rush to the box office.

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Del Toro horror film filled his hand, got “Oscar” and can be considered a master of the genre. He is meticulous in detail, he’s a perfectionist in compliance with the style, it sets the tone in the latest movie frightening naturalism. He has his persistent affection if his predecessors in the genre though sometimes broken bones characters, but most of them mildly frightened without much harm, the Mexican genius partial to the destruction of skulls and facial skin. In “Pan’s Labyrinth” He threw the spectators fainted spectacle of cut cheek in “Crimson peak” has a dagger in the face so that the “Dolby-syrraund” powerfully conveys the gnashing of the facial bones and they zahrustyat as eggshells at the microphone. About crush dad I said.

Del Toro has gained fame to him are good and serious actors. Izumi grandiose scenery, built fairly and without computer tricks, they understand the responsibilities and tasks laid out with no discounts on the genre. In the role of a young writer of pure, plagued by ghosts – Mia Wasikowska, her love – CIT, but the engineer played by Tom Hiddleston clay. And keeps the film, I think his main villain Jessica Chastain, who read in the eyes of some old systems and concealed mental anguish. Stanislavsky would have cried, “do not believe”, if he would have said that this marvelous woman, playing music on the piano, in fact – the devil incarnate, but perhaps in the coordinates of horror that’s good. The actors are playing to the complete destruction seriously and basically withdrawn elegantly tacky film on some psychological if not the depth, the height. And this once again confirms the truth, which I began: if a lot of money to invest, then the maximum number of decoy for the audience the film is ensured. But everything else – the logic of the script, the meaning of the message, the possibility of at least some suspense and other small things – it does not matter.

The film is basically benevolent adopted by the world press. Him and we have already named the best film of the year. And if for me it was the most boring film of the year, it is only because the genre of bloody horror, as in music heavy metal or sports horse racing, specific and is addressed with double fans and everything else there is to do nothing.

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