Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bloomberg: «Aeroflot» is trying to get out of the deal with Boeing for “Transaero” – BBC

15.10.2015, 13:27

Gosperevozchik “Aeroflot” is trying to withdraw from the transaction American Boeing Company for the purchase of 22 Boeing 787 Dreamliner. This was reported by Bloomberg , with reference to the general director Vitaly Savelyev gosperevozchika.

«We are trying to get out of the deal. Boeing did not deliver aircraft on time, and we are more than they do not need because of the downturn in the market “, – he said.

«Aeroflot» and Boeing agreed to supply 22 aircraft Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft worth $ 4.8 billion. In June, “Aeroflot” the US company filed a claim for the failure of the timing of deliveries of aircraft, but in August, Boeing said, that no formal complaints from the Russian company did not receive. Moreover, the US company insists on the fact that, according to the agreement, the first deliveries of the aircraft should pass only in 2018.

The agency notes that Savelyev had earlier said that “Aeroflot” claims the 34 aircraft the airline “Transaero “, which is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Previous reports that” Aeroflot “claims to be 57 international destinations” Transaero ».


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