Thursday, October 15, 2015

Peter Buslov of “homeland” and Russian in Goa – BBC

– you are almost entirely made a film outside of Russia. This is a complex project, as you come to it? How long was the work?

– I do fairly quickly made this film, but it was a long time. Think about how to make a film in Goa, I was ten years ago when I first managed to visit India. North Goa was the first place, or rather the second, after the transplant in Bombay, where I was – not yet visited either in Delhi or in Badrinath, nor in the Himalayas. And I just wanted to make a film – I did not know what it will be, but the place itself is incredibly inspired me with his cinematic.

I knew that the actors of the film will be our compatriots, because the first thing I heard, got off the plane, it was Russian.

It seems to me, even though I did not speak about it with colleagues that any filmmaker, once there, wants to make a movie. The director is so constituted. When I went to Bukhara and Tashkent are the choice for nature “Vysotsky”, I have both had the feeling that I was transported back to the Soviet Union and at the same time began to recognize some local customs, immersed in the culture of Uzbekistan. Getting in an unexpected place, the director always starts to think what to do. I immediately began to prepare for the film, bit by bit to gather information, to make acquaintance with the “local” and keep your ears open.

– And yet, what struck it in Goa, you can tell a little more?

– This is an amazing mix of image layers that vary directly in the frame, there are palm trees, which seem to reach the sky, sunsets, sunrises, textured face Hindus, sparkling kindly eyes, Prana which exudes a seemingly straight out of the ether, their bright, crazy mix of colors in their holidays. It is such an alloy, which I immediately wanted to immerse myself and immerse the actors. Apart from the purely visual things completely fascinated Goan legend, which gradually became part of the local sub-cultural literature – “Goa Syndrome”, “Goan Chronicles,” “Confessions of a psychedelic oysters” and other books have reported that there is a significant part of ours with you fellow countrymen who made Goa their homeland.

– Let’s talk about how to change the story. At first there was talk about what you’re going to film “Goa Syndrome” Alexander Sukhocheva, then there was a project called “Flipaut” … How it all turned into a “homeland?

– Actually it was a ruse – a book I really liked, but far more important was to test the waters, to see how much people are interested in a film about the Russian in India.

– I remember that when the film was still called “Flipaut “there was only a line is declared the Father, and Eve, which eventually became just one of many …

– Makar ( hero Peter Fedorov. -” Times ») – a guy from Novosibirsk, who came for enlightenment, bought a two-week tour, too, was in the script from the beginning. We will come up with a movie so that there were a few themes, are woven into a story in the end, in a tight knot. With regard to the Father, and Eve, it is one of the Goan myths – such stories in the state goes to a few. There are about Japanese wealthy, there is about our oligarch and his zafrikovavshuyu daughter that the security service of this very tycoon eventually found in the Himalayas …

I have these stories many times there heard me they are something like the modern archetype.

The same applies to Makar – typical of our compatriot, who had come to India to get everything at once, all answers to all questions. The story-line of Alexei and Cristina ( Heroes Yekaterina Volkova and Alexei Roebuck. – “Times» ) is also quite typical. Of course, I did not hold statistics, but most of the couples who come there, moving in one of two scenarios. Either immediately diverges or remain together forever. And this applies to young people and those who have long been married, – if there are conditions for scrapping, it is precisely there. For me realism – is generally a fundamental point: shooting, I always try not to invent. And in that genre in which I currently interested in working, actors, so they do not “float”, you should always give some support to real life.

– Somehow you can call, formulate this genre?

– movie: Drive-drama, parable.

– «Rodina» lately suddenly again become a popular word – in the including the cinema. How and why you came this name? Why is there a need for a scale statement about the country and the person who is the name obviously suggests?

– the need for it, I had always – somehow I it took off all of his films, it is not some momentary impulse. “Boomer” generation, too, talked about, about what happened to us at the intersection of zero and nineties, how people have a new home. Then, in the air, too, hung the question: “Where to go?!»

In the “motherland”, in general, are the younger brothers and sisters of the heroes of “Boomer”, and already children generation of “Boomer”, which to himself and to the world, there were several other issues.

I’m in the movie such a herald generation became Makar, who utters the terrible words that do not like their homeland . It’s terrible words, but they are there, we’re all about this from time to time to think. And they are even more stringent for us, for my generation because we grew up on those movies, and at a time when none of us never for a moment doubted to give their lives for their country. By the way, if we start to disassemble the word “Homeland”, then quickly realize that only in Russian it has such a wide meaning. In my opinion, very clearly succeeded in formulating a poet, musician Vasily Vakulenko (Baste) why the film is so called in the song “Where we have,” which he wrote specifically for the “Motherland».

– And as you would have formulated what they wanted to say in the film? What is home to you personally?

– within the Homeland, and its search for associated with melancholy, which exists due to the inability to find it out. In order that this blue ball, we can not escape. In the words of Jim Morrison, «No one here gets out alive» – «No one will leave here alive» ( smile ). And for me personally, Rodina – a synonym for God.


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